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Questions to ask in a job interview

At the end of an interview, most employers will ask if you have any questions. It may not be a good idea to refrain from asking anything, even if your questions have already been answered. It often sounds like disinterest at a time when you should be reassuring the interviewer that you’re the person for the job.

Consider asking:

  • If you have a good sense of rapport with your interviewer, ask if they have any reservations about hiring you and address their concerns. If this feels too direct, ask if you can clarify anything or if the interviewer feels that you’re a fit for the position.
  • What is the biggest challenge you might face in the role?
  • What does success look like for someone in the role?

Leave your interviewer with something impactful to help you stand out from other candidates. Consider creating an elevator pitch for yourself—something 2 to 3 sentences long. There’s often time at the end of the interview for a last comment, so have something prepared.

Ask these questions to help you leave with a clear plan

Ask what the next steps are. You’ll know exactly what’s to be expected, whether that’s more interviews or when they’re making hiring decisions. Ask if they would mind if you called to follow up. Depending on the organization, the accepted protocol could be for you to follow up with your initial point of contact.

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