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How to follow up after a job interview

Key takeaways

  • Take detailed notes during and just after the interview 
  • Email is likely preferred over traditional mail 
  • Personalize your message, and use it to show your excitement and gratitude 

Good interview follow-up starts with paying attention to details before and during the interview. 

Write down everything you remember about the interview and the names of all the people you met. If you get called in for a second interview, remembering the name of the receptionist could score some points. Writing down notes can also help you prepare for any future rounds of interviews. 

Another to-do directly following the interview: Connect with your references and tell them how your interview went. That way you can alert them ahead of time if there are any specific points that you’d like them to highlight or something that came up in the interview they may be asked about. 

Send a personal thank-you email or note

While a handwritten and mailed note used to be the norm, it’s perfectly acceptable, and even preferable, to send a thank-you email. The quick delivery ensures that your note will be received and read before the hiring decision has been made, so send a thank-you email within a day. Keep your message brief—just a few sentences will be fine. These guidelines can help you hit the right notes: 

  • Personalize your notes—don’t send identical copies to different people. 
  • Share your excitement about the position. 
  • Clarify interview points if you need to. 
  • Include relevant social media, work samples, and portfolio links. 
  • Express your gratitude for the interview. 
  • Proofread your message to ensure it’s free from mistakes. 

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