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Retirement Roadmap

Saving for retirement

Planning for any goal as big and far away as retirement requires some working assumptions—and an understanding of how they may impact potential outcomes. When will you start saving, for example? How much can you save every year? When will you retire? And what will your investments return? The answers to these and other key questions will impact the odds of reaching your retirement savings goals.

How much do you need?
Aim to save at least eight times your ending salary by retirement—though your number will depend on your choices and goals.

Strategies that help
Start saving early. Consider saving 15% of your income. Invest for long-term growth. That means stocks. And build an emergency fund.

How and where to save
Make the most of workplace savings plans. Reduce high interest debt. Take advantage of IRAs and other tax-advantaged options. Reduce health care costs.
Investing involves risk, including risk of loss.
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