College tuition bill: Now what?

The tuition bill for the semester has arrived. Here's info about paying from a 529 account and taking loans.

It has arrived—the college tuition bill for your child's next semester. It’s likely a big one and its typically due within a month or so.

If you're like the 81% of parents surveyed in Fidelity's College Savings Indicator1 (CSI) research, you don't want your kid to take on too much in college loans. But beware of putting your own retirement at risk. You can’t borrow to fund retirement. 

So what's the remedy? It may take some compromise and sacrifice, but you have a few options. Read the Viewpoints articles below for strategies on making the most of 529 savings and student loans, and helping grandparents and students pitch in.

Smart 529 spending

Smart 529 spending The right way reduces taxes, avoids penalties, and doesn’t jeopardize financial aid.

Student loan guide

A guide for student loans The more you save, the less you have to borrow. Here are tips for parents and students.

Grandparents can help

How grandparents can help fund college How to help your parents with planning and paying for your children's college education.

Affording college

How much college can you really afford? Consider some of the solutions other parents are using including part-time work for their student.
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1. 2015 Fidelity Investments College Savings Indicator Study.

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