It matters where you keep your money

Make your money work harder by choosing an account aligned to your goal's timeline.

Fidelity Spire℠ is a free app where you can explore options to help you save and invest for your goals.

For your shorter-term goals (within 3 years)

Fidelity® Cash Management Account (FCMA)

A smart alternative to a bank account, with no fees or minimums.

Consider FCMA if you want:

Short term bullet
no account fees or minimum balances

Short term bullet
reimbursed ATM fees1

Short term bullet
up to $1.25 million in FDIC coverage2

For your longer-term goals (3 or more years away)

Fidelity Go® (FGO)


Invested for you, by our pros, for a 0.35% advisory fee based on your account balance

Consider FGO if you want:

Long term bullet
our team to choose your investments, monitor the markets, and work to keep your strategy on track

Long term bullet
to pay no more than a 0.35% advisory fee, based on your account balance

Long term bullet
no trading fees, no transfer fees, and no commissions

Other account options

In the future, you'll be able to open more types of accounts right from the app. For now, if you want to explore other Fidelity accounts to help you reach your goals, or trade and invest on your own, learn more.

Get more power for your dollar

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