Introducing Fidelity Spire®

A free app that helps you plan, save, and invest smarter. Set your goals, prioritize, and stay focused.

Simulated trading on Wealthbase—Game on!

Can you beat the S&P?

Play a simulated trading game on Wealthbase. Create your virtual portfolio, practice investing risk-free, and try to beat the S&P!

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How simulated trading works

Join a game and get $100,000 in virtual cash
Pick stocks to create your virtual portfolio
Track your performance on the leaderboard. Trade to win!

Make your money count for your competing priorities

Set up a goal and link it to an account to track your progress. Not sure which goal to prioritize? Don't pick. Prioritize. Use our decision tool to see the potential impact of which goal you put more money toward.

It matters where you keep your money

As with any financial goal, time horizon and choice of account type matter. Whether you're ready to invest or not, we make it easy to find and open an account that's right for you, and link it to your goal, right from the app.

Learn more about these options to save and invest

Learn as you go

3 reasons to contribute to an IRA

Saving in an IRA comes with tax benefits that can help you grow your money.

IRAs: A smart way to save for retirement

IRAs can be a great way to save—whether you're contributing to a 401(k) or other workplace savings plan, or not. If you put away just a little every month, it can make a big impact over time. Learn about the differences between Traditional and Roth IRAs to see which one is right for you.

How to start investing

Start with broad concepts before picking investments

Where do you stand? Year-end review

Follow our 3-step plan to help keep your long-term goals on track.

Just 1% more can make a big difference

Increasing your savings by just 1% now could mean a lot in retirement.

5 steps to take control of your finances

If you're unsure about the future, it can make sense to have more and spend less.

Get more power for your dollar

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