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These mortgage tips should be etched in stone

Mortgages are complicated, and last anywhere from 15 to 30 years. This article outlines mortgage tips to help you get the lowest mortgage rate and keep track of your personal finances with a mortgage payment.

3 tips for landing the lowest mortgage rate

Buying a house can be difficult, but finding a low mortgage rate can be even harder. This article outlines 3 tips for landing the lowest mortgage rate.

11 secrets to refinancing your student loans

Refinancing your student loans can be confusing. If you are thinking about refinancing your student loans, this article provides financial tips on helping you get approved.

Get help saving for college

Family and friends contributions made easy. Flexible investing options. Tax advantages.

An HGTV star's advice on home buying when you can't afford it

Have you wanted to buy a home that you don't think you can afford? This HGTV star can give you home buying advice to help you afford your dream home.

6 simple steps to figure out how much house you can afford

Are you looking to buy a house? This article explains the steps it takes to create a home buying budget to help you figure out how much house you can afford.

Are your college savings on track?

Our new calculator makes it easy to see whether your savings are on track and make adjustments if not.

How much do you get in taxes for a baby?

Having a baby comes with a lot of financial planning and expenses. One financial benefit of having a new child are the tax exemptions. Read here to learn more.

Buying a home this year? Start to get your credit in shape

Are you buying a new house this year? This article explains why building up your credit score is essential before buying a new home.

3 questions to ask yourself before buying a home

Buying a home without financial preparation is a risky move. Ask yourself these three questions before buying a home to make sure that you're financially prepared.

Two money moves every parent should make before having kids

The cost of having a child can be enormous. These are two financial decisions every parent should make before having children.

Don't make this mortgage mistake

You can avoid making mortgage mistakes. This article highlights common mistakes people make with their mortgage and how to avoid them.

8 places to look for a budget wedding gown

Are you planning for your wedding day? The expenses can pile up fast, so read here to learn how you can budget for your wedding accordingly.

Smart financial tips for newlyweds

Getting married comes with a slew of financial decisions. This article outlines smart financial decisions for newlyweds, and how you can make sure to start your life together on the right foot financially.

New home? How much can you really afford?

Before you attend a single open house or read a single real estate ad, let us help you create a realistic price range.

Rent or buy? We can help

Trying to decide which works best for your budget? Let us run the numbers for you.

Why do you need a down payment, anyway?

Do you ever wonder why you need a down payment? This article explains the benefits of a down payment and why they are necessary.

How to throw a bridal shower on a budget

Are you planning on throwing a bridal shower? These parties can get very expensive; this article gives tips on how you can throw a bridal shower on a budget.

How to decide whether to rent or buy your home

Deciding when to rent or buy a house is often a very difficult decision. This article seeks to demystify the dilemma most home owners face: should I rent or buy a house?

7 reasons a winter wedding is more frugal

Are you thinking about getting married this year? This article explains why getting married in the winter may save you money in the long run.

8 factors that can influence your mortgage rate

There are a lot of things that can influence your mortgage rate. Read here to learn about these 8 factors.

Up, up, and away! Saving for a vacation

Are you planning on taking a vacation in the future? The experts at Fidelity Investments have financial tips on why you should start saving for that vacation sooner rather than later.

9 mortgage myths that'll cost you if you aren't careful

There are many common misconceptions about mortgages. This article sheds some light on the often confusing home loan.

3 mortgage rules to live by

Taking out a mortgage on your home is a big financial commitment. This article gives financial tips on mortgages that can help with your home loan.

New parents: save money with these 5 tips

New parents, here are some money saving tips for you. Read here to learn about how you can improve your financial planning by saving.

Preparing your finances for a baby

Follow these tips to baby-proof your budget.

Why are so many millennials opting for pets, not parenthood?

Why are millennials opting for pets instead of parenthood? Read here to find out.

13 unexpected costs of having a kid

Are you thinking of having a kid? Read here to shed some light on unexpected costs of bringing a child into your life.

5 ways to save a down payment for your first home

Saving for a down payment on a home can seem insurmountable. Read here for tips on how you can save for a down payment to buy your first home.

House hunters: Better leave some time for the hunt

Buying a house can take a lot of time. Here are some tips on how to plan ahead to make sure that your home buying time frame fits your needs.

How we got out of debt and bought a house

Fidelity understands that debt can seem insurmountable, and can keep people from achieving life goals such as buying a home. Read here to learn how one couple got out of debt and bought a house in merely six years.

Buying my first home only took 35 days

Buying a home can be an incredibly lengthy process. This article explores how one first time home buyer bought their first home in only 35 days.

5 tax breaks you could get for buying a home

Are you a soon-to-be or recent home buyer? This article outlines 5 tax breaks you may be eligible for. Read here to learn more.

The credit score used by mortgage companies will surprise you

Are you applying for a mortgage? The credit score used by mortgage companies may surprise you.

How I saved $15K to move to Beirut

Do you have a big trip or life event coming up? Read here to discover how one person saved $15K before moving to Lebanon.

New baby? Here's your new account checklist

New parents, read here to find a checklist for your new accounts.

Smart tax tips for newlyweds

Life after marriage can often be confusing from a financial perspective. Read these tips on smart approaches to taxes for newlyweds.

3 important financial steps to take before the wedding

Marriage is an incredibly exciting time in someone's life. Learn how to properly plan from a financial perspective by reading further.

How to find a moving company without blowing your budget

Moving is always a big expense, but finding a reliable moving company doesn't have to be. Read here for tips on finding a moving company without blowing your budget.

3 financial planning must-dos for new parents

Are you a new parent? Read here to find 3 financial planning must-dos to ensure your family is financially secure for the future.

A guide to renting your first grown-up apartment

Your first apartment where your name is on the lease and you pay the rent is a total game changer. Read this article to guide you through the process.

The guide to talking money with the bride

Money talks can be a sensitive subject, especially around the time of someone's wedding. Read here to find out how to talk to the bride about money.

Top 10 money mistakes new parents make

Are you a new parent? Read here and learn from the financial mistakes of the new parents that came before you.

Tips for unmarried couples

Unmarried couples need to take extra steps to get some of the rights and protections that married people enjoy.

5 tips for saving on car insurance after college

Are you a recent college graduate? Read this article for 5 tips on saving on your car insurance.

5 mortgage rules you should know by heart

Mortgages involve pages and pages of legal documentation that can be nearly impossible for most people to comprehend. Remember these 5 rules.

Delaying your first home purchase? You're not alone

You're not alone if you're young and don't feel ready to buy a house. Learn more about important home-buying advice for first-time buyers.

33 wedding hacks to save you money

Read these 33 wedding hacks that will leave your big day looking like it had a big price tag at a fraction of the cost.

How to financially prepare for your death while you're young

Broaching the topic of your own death may seem morbid if you're in your 20s or 30s. However, estate planning at a young age can help your loved ones avoid the additional worry of dealing with your personal finances after death.

Time to take away the financial keys?

Adult children have little knowledge about their parents' finances. Here are seven ways to take charge when it's time.

How to take care of aging parents and yourself

Taking care of aging parents can often take a toll, emotionally and financially. Learn what women can do to help ensure their own well-being while they care for someone else.

Part of the wedding party? Here's how to save money

Brides and grooms aren't the only ones scrambling to prepare for the big day. Their wedding parties are also bracing for exorbitant expenses. Learn how you can keep the expenses under control.

Buy vs. lease?
Which one is right for you?

Figuring out whether to buy or lease a car is not as complicated as you might think. Check out this infographic and learn which option might be best for you.

Financial bliss for newlyweds

One of the biggest contributors to a successful marriage is communication and agreement over finances. Learn more.

To buy or rent? Advice from a woman who bought at 21

Here are three reasons why it's better to buy than rent-take it from a woman who bought her first home at 21. Learn more.

Five ways to help manage the costs of kids

Raising a child isn't cheap. Learn about some key expenses and how you can best prepare.

Are you saving enough for college?

Here's a quick way to find out where you stand when it comes to saving for college. Answer these three questions.

Your guide to moving for a new job

Relocating for a job? Read this guide and learn how to manage the move, the cost, and all the stress.

11 things to do in the first five years after college

Now is the best opportunity you will have to keep out of financial trouble and develop a solid foundation. Learn these small financial changes that can have a big future impact.

7 signs you can't afford to buy a home

If any of these signs strike a chord with you, you may want to delay taking on a mortgage in the near future.

8 ways to increase your credit score to get a better mortgage rate

Your credit report and score are two essential elements that help determine your mortgage rates.

The ABC's of 529 college savings plans

Whether you've got toddlers or teenagers one thing is certain: paying for college seems to get more expensive every year. Learn about 529 plans and how they can help you prepare.

A grad's guide to money

It is important to understand the basics of managing money. Here are four must-know steps for new grads to help get off to a strong start.

How to book a luxury honeymoon using miles and points

For the average honeymooner, traveling can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Learn how some people can do it for less than $1,500.

Getting married

5 signs you're not ready to buy a house

Home owning isn't as easy as it may seem. Consider these 5 signs before you purchase a home.

Getting divorced

Divorces are stressful, both emotionally and financially. Learn what you need to know to prepare.

Having a baby

Bringing a baby into the world means change all around. Learn about the financial ones here.

Planning a family: Financial and career considerations

The notion of pregnancy itself is daunting enough, but what about your career?  Will you be able to afford a baby?  Take a deep breath: planning is helpful.

4 hidden costs of selling your home

Selling a home can be a stressful and surprisingly expensive process. Some costs can be unexpected. Let's go over four of them.

New baby? Here are 3 critical money shifts you need to make

A new baby brings serious financial changes. Learn how to prepare for this new life stage.

Five financial tips for newlyweds

When the two of you tie the knot, you're tying a financial knot too. Learn how to manage finances after marriage.

What I learned as a first-time homebuyer

I just bought my first home, and here's the single best piece of advice I can give you.

When a dream house becomes a money pit

Any buyer knows that a dream home can become a nightmare. But most people don't expect it to happen to them.

Money decisions for couples

You share life and love with your spouse or partner, but are you detached from money matters? Here's why and how to find more balance in your financial decision-making.

4 unexpected costs when leaving your parents' nest

Being financially independent can be costly. Read this article for four unexpected costs of living off of your parents dime.

Can married couples contribute to a Roth IRA and 401(k)?

Have you started saving for retirement? Read this article to find out how you and your spouse should tackle retirement savings.

10 things to know about buying a home

Looking to buy a home? Read this article for 10 pieces of information you should know before you buy your dream house

9 hidden costs of buying a home

If you're considering buying a home, be mindful of these extra expenses when establishing your budget.

Leases and lengthier loans can reduce car payments

Car shoppers are increasingly favoring financial arrangements like leases and longer-term loans that allow them to buy costlier vehicles but with more manageable monthly payments.

Buying a house? How much is too much?

Find out how banks determine what you qualify for, and how to determine what your budget should really be.

How to maximize the child care tax credit

Read about the Child Care Tax Credit and how caregiving expenses could help you.

How to save money when you don't DIY

Here are 10 smart ways to save money while decorating your home.

5 money lessons from life with a newborn

Here are 5 lessons about personal finance and investing that you can take from life as a new parent.

Protect yourself before moving abroad

Moving abroad can be an adventure, but it requires preparation. Here are a few things you may need to put into place before you go.

How much house can you really afford?

As an aspiring homeowner, there are some things you should know before you start touring houses. Find out how much house you can truly afford.

The life of a couple who live apart

Living away from your spouse for financial reasons may be tough in a variety of ways.

Split Decisions: Buy a home or rent

Jean Chatzky can help you decide whether you should buy or rent your next home. Watch the video. (2:17)

Need a vaca? Here's how to save for one

Not sure where you'll get the money for the tropical getaway of your dreams? Here are some ingenious ways to save up so you can afford to go on vacation.

Are you really ready to buy a house?

Owning a home allows you the ability to build equity. But before you take the leap, ask yourself these questions.

10 things college grads need to know

Get 10 important tips about entering the working world. They may just help make the transition a bit smoother.

Don't make these mistakes, millennials

Establishing great habits today could help your financial life stay in shape down the line. Learn how to avoid common money pitfalls.

How do I split bills with my boyfriend?

Money may be awkward to discuss when you're first moving in together, but it's important to work out a strategy that makes both you and your partner happy.

How to rebuild your finances

Building yourself up when you feel like you've hit bottom financially may be difficult. Follow these steps to start rebuilding your finances.

How to deal with higher rent

You're in love with your apartment, but what do you do when they increase the rent?

7 finance tips for college students

Developing healthy money habits during college can help you start out on the right foot once you graduate.

5 tips for new parents

A new child is a gift for every parent, but it's also a large expense. See tips that can help.

Tying the financial knot

Take a look at our checklist for tips on how to merge your finances efficiently when you get married.
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Five financial tips for newlyweds

Split Decisions - Buy a home or rent

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