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How to put your financial life together after a money catastrophe

Financial crises can decimate your personal finances and financial livelihood. Learn the steps that you can take to recover from a financial crisis and get your personal finances back on track.

Digging out of debt: different "shovels" for different people

Paying off debt can be a crucial part of establishing your financial independence. Learn how you can customize your strategy to pay off your debt.

How to use a credit card wisely

Credit cards come with a lot of financial responsibility. Read through these credit card tips to learn how you can use a credit card wisely.

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Credit and debit card tips for international travel

Get your credit and debit card ready for international travel.

3 mortgage tricks every homeowner should know about

Taking out a mortgage on your house is a massive financial commitment. Learn these mortgage tips and tricks to help keep your personal finance on track.

10 credit tips from someone with a perfect credit score

Looking to raise your credit score? Here are some credit tips from someone who has a perfect credit score and can help you boost your credit.

5 ways to pay off your car loan faster

Paying off your car loan can feel like a lengthy process. Learn tips on how you can get out of debt and pay off your loans quickly.

Find the right credit card the right way

Credit cards are an important tool to help you build credit, but how do you know which credit card to pick? Learn how to choose your credit card carefully here.

Avoid these top 5 mistakes when trying to improve your credit

Improve your credit by avoiding these 5 credit mistakes. Learn about how you can improve your credit over time.

How a 31-year-old paid off $220K in student loans in 3 years

Student loans can take years to pay off. Read how one woman paid off over $200K in student loan debt in just 3 years.

Will a new mortgage hurt my credit score?

A new mortgage could impact your current credit score. This article explains how your credit report may be impacted by a new mortgage.

The missing step to getting out (and staying out) of debt

It is often easy to feel like you're drowning in debt. This article can help you get out, and stay out, of debt.

This man went from $50,000 debt to running a $20 million company

This article explores how one man paid off an extraordinary amount of debt to run his own small business.

Is a 700 credit score the magic number?

Credit scores are incredibly important to maintaining your personal finance. This article discusses the possibility of finding the perfect credit score.

7 shocking ways you could be hurting your credit score

Most are aware of the financial benefits associated with maintaining good credit, but few are aware of these little known ways that you could be accidentally hurting your credit score.

The most effective way to pay off debt

Paying off debt can be done in a streamlined and effective manner. This article explores the best ways for you to pay off your debt.

Your credit card minimum payment is just that—a minimum

Do you pay your credit card payments in full? This article explains what a credit card minimum payment is, and more importantly what it means to you when paying your credit card bill.

Your credit score isn't affected by these 5 factors

Your credit score is affected by numerous factors. This article sheds some light on factors you may have previously thought affected your credit report, but actually don't.

7 ways to increase debt payoff momentum

Paying off debt routinely is not always easy. This article examines 7 ways you can increase your debt payoff momentum.

What are my student loan repayment options?

Wondering what your best options are for repaying your student loans? This article outlines the many choices you have in deciding which student loan repayment plan is right for you.

Pay off your student loans faster in 2017

Looking for ideas on how you can pay your student loans off faster in 2017? This article outlines some ways that may help you streamline your student loan debt repayment process.

4 reasons for a low credit score despite paying your bills on time

Do you have a low credit score despite paying your bills on time? This article outlines four potential reasons your credit score is not where it should be, despite your bills being paid on time

4 strategies to stay sane while battling a student loan

Student loan debt can seem insurmountable. This article outlines ways to manage stress while paying off your student loans.

Get out of debt In 2017

Getting out of debt may take a sustained commitment to pay down balances and change your spending.

5 things you didn't know about your credit score

Want to demystify your credit score? Read here for tips on maintaining, building, and fixing your credit.

Why we pay our credit card bills more than once per month

Paying your credit card bills more than just once a month may actually help keep you financially responsible. Read here for information on this strategy and if it will work for you.

How to avoid defaulting on your student loans

Do you have student loan debt? Read here to learn tips to help you from defaulting on your student loans.

How your credit score impacts your mortgage and loan rates

Your credit score can impact your mortgage and loan rates. Read here to find out how.

Ditch debt and start saving

Getting yourself out of debt requires a solid plan. Get pointers on how you can reduce your credit card or student loan debt and start saving.

How often does your credit score change?

Here are some insights into the ever changing world of credit scores. Read here to learn more.

What to consider before you get a loan

Are you thinking of taking out a loan? Read this article for tips on what to consider before getting a loan.

Applying for a credit limit increase: what you should know

Are you applying for a credit limit increase? Here is what you need to know.

5 overlooked things that your credit score may affect

Do you know everything that your credit score can impact? Read here to learn about 5 things that credit scores affect, that people often overlook.

FedLoan servicing: Working with your student loan servicers

Read here to learn the best ways to work with your student loan servicers.

Deducting student loan interest (even when you don't pay it)

Read here to learn how to deduct student loan payments even when you don't pay it.

How to manage student loan debt

Student loan debt can often seem insurmountable. Read this article to find information on managing your student loan debt.

Comparing your many credit scores

Read here to find out how to compare your multiple credit scores.

How do medical bills affect your credit?

Have you or a loved one accumulated medical bills recently? Read here to find out how medical bills can affect your credit.

How borrowing more raises your credit score

Are you trying to raise your credit score? Read here to find out how borrowing more may actually have a positive impact on your credit score.

Why the type of account matters to your credit score

Read here to find out what type of account impacts your credit score.

How to do what you love and pay off your student loans

Paying off your student loans and doing what you love do not need to be mutually exclusive. Read here to find out how you can do both.

3 reasons to use a digital wallet

Paying with just a wave of your phone can actually be more secure than using a credit card.

4 costly mistakes that can destroy your credit score

Read this article to find out what 4 mistakes can make you lose your excellent credit score.

This one factor affects your credit score more than anything else

Is your credit score lower than you'd like it to be? Read this article to find out the one factor that affects your credit score more than anything else.

52% of millennials engage in expensive credit card behaviors

We took a look at some of the most expensive credit card behaviors and broke down why young adults should avoid them at all costs. Learn more.

A complete guide to the debt snowball

The debt snowball, and its supercharged better half, the debt avalanche, are powerful tools to eliminate debt. In this guide we’ll walk through the debt snowball and how it can help anybody get out of debt.

4 costly credit score scams to avoid

If you are suffering from a low credit score, you might find the advertising of credit repair companies appealing. Learn how to distinguish a reputable credit repair company from a scam.

6 numbers you need to know to actually get out of debt

Trying to get out of debt? Start with knowing these six numbers and you're half way there.

Can I deduct my student loan interest?

The federal government offers a small break from student loan repayment in the form of a deduction for the interest paid. Learn more about the restrictions so you can take advantage of this tax break.

3 key tips for mortgage shopping

These three key tips for mortgage shopping can help you be a smart homebuyer, and possibly save thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. Learn more how simple steps can make a big difference.

Why living with your parents is not as bad as you think

Regardless of all of the negative connotations, living at home can provide some wonderful financial benefits. Learn more.

7 debt payoffs that boost your credit score the most

If you are looking to increase your credit score, here are some ways to improve your score by tackling certain debts head on.

Buy vs. lease?
Which one is right for you?

Figuring out whether to buy or lease a car is not as complicated as you might think. Check out this infographic and learn which option might be best for you.

Is your credit score killing your love life?

As finances are a cornerstone conversation of any serious relationship, learn how your credit score could affect your future.

Get motivated to pay off your student loans with these tips

With some planning, persistence, and the right motivation, you can eliminate your student loan debt and move on with your life. Learn how.

6 tips for keeping you in control of your credit cards

Read these helpful tips to try to minimize mistakes and maximize benefits from credit cards.

How to stop financial peer pressure

Feeling the pressure to spend from always going out with friends? Use these tips to avoid overspending with friends and roommates.

4 signs you're abusing your credit cards

Worried you're charging too much on your credit cards? If any of these credit card warning signs sound familiar it might be time to change your spending habits.

A financial planner takes her advice on the road

Having trouble sticking to your budget and saving money? Learn how curbing non-essential spending and making better estimations of your income can help.

12 ways to get the lowest mortgage refinance rates

If you're considering refinancing your mortgage, you probably want to find the lowest possible mortgage refinance rates. Here's how.

Using credit cards wisely

Credit cards aren't inherently bad, and using a card doesn't guarantee you a sluice run into deep consumer debt. Learn about credit and how your plastic works before racking up charges.

Long-term tax strategies for student loan borrowers

If you're one of the more than 40 million Americans paying down student loan debt, it's important to understand the tax implications of that debt - not only on the tax return you'll file this year, but in the long run.

How one woman paid off $24,000 of debt in 15 months

Do you have more debt than you would like? Read this article to find out how one woman paid off all of her debt in a matter of months!

8 things you should always buy with a credit card

There are some situations when it's smarter to choose credit over debit—as long as you pay your bills on time, that is. Use your credit card for these 8 types of purchases.

This mortgage trick could save you thousands

A simple mortgage repayment trick could save you thousands in interest. Read this article to learn how.

Mortgage vs. investing

Should you invest with your spare cash or pay off your mortgage early? As with most financial planning decisions, the answer is not black and white.

The mantra a 20-year-old student used to pay off his tuition

Long Island native Eric Hu paid his $48,280 freshman tuition bill, and is on track to do the same for the 2015-2016 school year. Here's how.

What you need to know about student loan refinancing

Many student loan borrowers could save money by refinancing their loans, but they don't know where to start. Learn how to manage your student loans.

7 ways to increase your credit score fast

Is your credit score lower than you'd like it to be? Check out this article to find out 7 ways to increase your credit score, and fast!

What you need to know about managing your student loans

Whether you're trying to reduce your monthly payments or pay off your loans faster, there are programs that might help.

6 ways not to use your home equity line of credit

Take a look these 6 worst ways to use your home equity line of credit before you write that check.

How to tackle the top 3 student loan issues

Student debt is a growing concern. Read this article to learn about how you could manage the top 3 issues.

5 expenses that will cost more because of a low credit score

Learn about the 5 services and products that you may pay more for because of a low credit score.

4 things you never knew about credit scores

Learn the basics of credit scores, plus 4 other useful facts that our contributors want you to know.

Get your student loans squared away for the New Year

Student loan debt is the number one concern of millennials, and a new year is another chance to get your finances squared away.

Paying biggest debts first might not be best, study says

Snowballing your debts—paying them smallest to largest regardless of interest—might not make sense mathematically, but it just may work better for you.

How a good credit score could make you a better partner

Using data from Equifax, economists found a strong correlation between successful relationships and good credit scores. Learn more.

Rent vs buy

Buying a home is an opportunity to settle down, join a community, and build equity. But when is it better to buy?

Thinking about a joint credit card?

While there are certainly some potential benefits to opening a joint credit card account, a simpler alternative might be just as useful. Learn more.

What is a rewards card?

If you're going to put your purchases on plastic anyway, consider using a card that rewards your loyalty. Learn more.

Ways to avoid the grad school debt bomb?

If you are thinking about pursuing a graduate degree, learn some ways you could avoid going into substantial debt.

Mortgage loans: information to know

Understanding the mortgage process can help you set your budget before you start looking for homes.

How a millennial paid off $90K in a year

Learn how one man paid off his Harvard Business School debt by living a more frugal lifestyle than he was accustomed to.

Tips for merging marriage and debt

When you merge your money as newlyweds, debt can become the elephant in the room. Get tips on managing a spouse's debt.

Want a good credit score?

Growing your credit score doesn't require a complicated formula. Just focus on a few key factors to help your credit score go up.

Which student loan should I pay first?

Choosing which student loan to start paying is only the first decision you need to make for your loan repayment strategy.

Split Decisions: Buy a car or lease it

Jean Chatzky weighs the pros and cons of buying or leasing a car. See how her rationale applies to you. (2:26)

How four sisters demolished their debt

These four sisters decided to band together and tackle their debt using one unified budget and plan. See how they did it.

What rising rates mean for you

What do rising interest rates mean for your finances? See how they may affect your ability to make big purchases and earn money on money market funds and CDs.

Your debt-to-credit ratio is important

Your debt-to-credit ratio may in some ways be more important to lenders than the amount of debt you have. Learn about how it's determined.

3 menacing myths about student loans

Find out the 3 common student loan myths so you don't fall into potential traps set by lenders.

Don't default on student loans

There's a delicate balance in managing student loans and saving for retirement. Learn about how to avoid defaulting on student loans while preparing for the future.

Student loan forgiveness programs

Student loan forgiveness programs seem too good to be true. How do you qualify? Get the details.

Lower student loan payments - yes or no?

What student loan repayment strategy should you follow? Get the details on what your monthly payment should be according to your needs.

Personal finance: 5 areas not to ignore

At some point, you'll have to take a broader look at your finances instead of focusing on the day-to-day money in/money out cycle. Find out what 5 areas of personal finance you shouldn't ignore.

Building credit? What to know about credit cards

Although they're sometimes thought of as dangerous, credit cards can actually be integral to building a healthy credit score.

Options if your credit score is low

Is cash your only option when you have a low credit score? Not necessarily. Find out how you can pay with plastic despite a low score.

What is a prepaid card?

Prepaid cards allow you to deposit money on your own or through direct deposit. They can be handy for maintaining a budget, but they do have some drawbacks as well.

Money basics: How to prioritize debt

Between credit cards, student loans, and mortgages, there are many types of debt out there. Watch this video for three tips that can help you tackle it all. (1:55)

What is a mortgage?

Getting a mortgage means the difference between living in a rental or a home of your very own. Learn more about how they work.

Save thousands on your student loan debt

Preparing for extra interest from unsubsidized loans before the six-month grace period ends can help you reduce your cumulative loan burden. Learn how to prepare.

5 common credit gripes

The road to a great credit score may look complicated, but there are ways to overcome common credit gripes.

3 things to know about mortgages

Before you embark on a house hunt, check out 3 things you should know about mortgages.

Are your student loan payments too high?

Do you need a way to reduce your monthly student loan payments? Your options each have their pros and cons.

20 things everyone should know about credit

Don't learn about credit the hard way. See the list of 20 things you should know about credit.

Paying for grad school loan options 101

Paying for graduate school may seem like a daunting prospect, but it can be done. Get the breakdown on the two main types of grad school loans.
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What makes up a credit score?

Your credit score is a measurement based on the activity in your credit report. The score is used by lenders and others when deciding to approve you for things like loans, credit cards, and apartment leases. There are five elements that make up your credit score. Learn more about them here.

Split Decisions - Student debt or retirement

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