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Managing your finances as a freelancer

Freelancers work in the gig economy, taking on numerous short term jobs at a time. Read here to learn about the benefits and challenges faced by working as a freelancer in the gig economy.

How to prepare for salary negotiations

Salary negotiations can be intimidating. This article can help you prepare to negotiate your salary, and be ready for any questions that may come your way.

4 things a hiring manager could find out about you

Are you applying to jobs? This article highlights four things a hiring manager could find out about you during the interview process.

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Evaluating a new job offer

New job offer? Congratulations. But before you make any decisions, it pays to do a side-by-side financial comparison.

Does 'spending pennies to make dollars' really make sense?

Thinking of starting a small business? Read here for tips.

Frugal business tips for startups

Entrepreneurial ventures are often very costly. This article outlines business tips for startups on how to stay frugal during the initial stages of your new business.

How to handle a temporary break in salary

Are you in between jobs? Undergoing a temporary break in salary? This piece outlines how you can remain financially responsible without earning a salary.

3 thoughts the hiring manager has when negotiating salary

Are you looking for a new job? You should know not only how to negotiate your salary, but also know what your hiring manager is thinking during your interview and hiring process. This article demystifies the inner thoughts of hiring managers when it comes to salary negotiations.

When starting a business, consider the liabilities

Starting a business can be exciting, but you should be aware of the liabilities associated with entrepreneurship as well.

The one strategy to negotiate the raise you deserve

Read here for tips on how you can negotiate for the pay raise that you deserve.

When and how to ask a freelance client for more money

Do you work as a freelancer? Here are some tips on how and when to ask your clients for more money.

Big purchases for a small-business budget

Making big purchases as a small-business owner can be scary. Read here to learn how to balance investing in your business with budgeting your money.

Are you ready to take the entrepreneurial leap?

We're here to help you determine if you are ready to become an entrepreneur.

How to stay motivated when you're already debt-free

How to stay financially prepared and motivated even if you have an absence of debt in your personal financial life. Read here to learn how you can stay motivated.

5 things to consider when starting your own freelance business

Five tips on starting your own business. Read here to learn more.

How to insure your paycheck

Make the most of disability insurance, a valuable but often misunderstood form of income protection.

3 times you may want to prioritize salary during the job search

Depending on your life situation and overall goals, the paycheck may be your top priority.

How to answer the interview question about money

Money can often seem awkward to talk about in an interview. Read this article to discover the best ways to handle those hard money discussions during the interview process.

5 common mistakes freelancers make and how to avoid them

Are you a freelancer? Read this article for five tips on avoiding common financial mistakes made by other freelance workers like yourself.

When is the right time to ask what the job pays?

Job hunting can be difficult, and talking pay can be even harder. Read this article for tips on when to bring up pay while job searching.

Make the most of employee benefits

5 tips for choosing the best health plan for you and your family—and saving more in 2017.

6 steps to improve your work/life quality

Read here to discover 6 tips on improving your work/life balance without taking a pay cut.

How to qualify for a small business loan

Are you a small business owner? Read here to discover how you can qualify for a small business loan.

I survived 4 years without a paycheck to build my business

Small business owners often have to make personal sacrifices for the sake of their business. Read here to discover how two entrepreneurs survived for four years without a paycheck for the sake of their business.

5 signs you need a pay raise—and 5 you don't

Do you deserve a pay raise? Read here to determine whether you may qualify for a salary bump, or if you don't have a strong case for salary negotiation.

Tips for young entrepreneurs

Starting a business is hard work. Learn from one young person who's done it and succeeded.

10 tips to help you win every negotiation

Negotiating can be stressful. Read this article to find 10 useful tips on becoming a better and more powerful negotiator.

3 things to keep in mind as a freelancer

Are you a freelance employee? Read here to learn about 3 common money mistakes made by freelancers.

What does it take to land your dream job?

A reality check. Commitment. And time.

How to negotiate a raise

To prove to your boss you are a top-performer, learn which few things you should get in order before you decide to ask.

4 times to ask for a raise before your annual review

Are you ever allowed to ask for a raise before your review? Here are four examples of when it's okay to ask for a raise before your annual review.

The best time to ask for a raise

Asking for a raise can be awkward, however if you work hard and are underpaid you should talk to your manager about increasing your salary. Learn more about what simple steps to follow to increase the likelihood of you being successful in getting that raise.

4 things to do when asking for a raise - and 2 you should never do

Hoping for a raise this year? Read these 4 things you should do when asking for a raise.

What to know about disability insurance

Learn about disability insurance. It's time to educate yourself on the risks in your future and what can happen if you don't protect yourself financially.

How I increased my income by $15,000 in just one year

Two concrete changes in a young woman's life helped her earn $15,000 more in 2016 than she did in 2015. Learn how a job change and salary negotiation can help alleviate the stress of living paycheck to paycheck.

How to calculate your total budget for your business

Most companies establish budgets that they use to track revenue and plan their expenses. Learn best practices and how to calculate yours.

How to discuss salary during an interview

Discussing salary is always a bit uncomfortable, but it's especially tricky when a hiring manager asks what you currently make during a job interview. Read these tips to handling this topic with ease.

4 ways the new overtime rules may affect your paycheck

The new overtime rules may affect your paycheck. Check out these 4 ways you might be noticing a difference.

Narrow your own pay gap with these tips

Each of us still has to take responsibility for narrowing our own pay gap. Learn how.

A newly unemployed person's guide to severance pay

If you have been laid off or let go, you may be wondering how severance pay actually works or when you get it.

Would you take a pay cut in exchange for work-life balance?

Would You Take a Pay Cut in Exchange for Work-Life Balance? Studies Say You Would. Read more.

Side hustle: The lifestyle blogger making thousands documenting every meal

After losing 30 pounds, Kath Younger decided to share her story... on the Internet. Learn how this generated her thousands of dollars.

Lessons from Savile Row's first female tailor

After working for 15 years at the renowned clothier, Sargent left her secure job five years ago, to set up her own shop in a world dominated by men. Read more.

Starting a new job

Whether it's your first time in the workforce, or you're transitioning from one company to another, there are a number of items to consider.

8 reasons why women should ask for a raise this year

To encourage women to ask for the compensation to which they're entitled, here are eight facts that should scare any woman into asking for a raise.

How to calculate the employer match in a 401(k)

If you're curious about how much you can expect your employer to contribute to your 401(k) this year, here's how you can find out.

Managing your money when you lose your job

Losing a job can be very difficult. So while you're searching for your next gig, here are a few tips to keep your financial life humming.

The best and worst reasons to ask for a raise

There are great reasons and poor reasons to bring a potential pay increase to your boss. Learn what they are and how to do it.

Demystifying your paycheck

Admit it: you were a little disappointed when you got your first paycheck. Sure, it was great to be making money, but the direct deposit that hit your bank account was a lot smaller than you expected. Here's why.

Translate your job offer from legal jargon to English

Job offers are often filled with legal jargon and complicated terms. Read this article to learn how you can fully understand your job offer.

How to evaluate a job offer

When considering a job change, consider these financial factors. Use our tool as one method for job evaluation.

4 tips to get a raise

Read this article to discover tips on how to ask for a raise, even when it feels uncomfortable.

When your dream job doesn't pay

Nearly a third of workers say they're in their childhood dream job or a related field. Is your dream job sustainable?

Picked the wrong career? Do this.

Changing your career is possible. If you're looking for a career renovation, here’s a five-year plan.

Accept a full time offer or keep your freelance freedom?

Get assistance deciding between freelancing or working as an employee.

3 ways to recover after you lowball yourself in an interview

Read about 3 ways you could improve salary negotiation after you have already set the bar low.

No, really: why there are no right or wrong career decisions

How do you capitalize on this no-right-or-wrong philosophy? Here are four ideas to get you started.

Lessons learned from a female financial role model

Who is your financial role model? Discover the lessons you can learn from your role model's decisions.

An unexpected career change

Find out how one man's career change—from Silicon Valley exec to whiskey maker—was not as risky as you might think.

Your guide to switching careers in 5 weeks

Here is a five-week quick start guide to making the jump from one career to the next.

Ways to become known as a career builder

Find out how you can prove you're committed to your career path without staying at your current company forever.

The perfect email to promote a side gig

Telling your network about your side job can be tricky. Learn a few tips to help make your announcement more effective.

Reject an offer without burning a bridge

It's not easy to reject a job offer, but here are a few ways to do it tactfully and without burning bridges.

How to interview with your dream company

If you've landed an interview for your dream job, here are some tips that might make you more prepared.

Taking a look at 2 weeks notice

Two weeks' notice is a long-standing workplace rule, a benchmark that theoretically allows you to leave a company on good terms. But is it still necessary?

Make more money before the year ends

Year-end is a great time to ask for more money, so if you have had a good year at work, here's a process that might motivate your company to reward you

Love what you do, but it's still work

Here are four facts that debunk that infamous (and misleading) career proverb.

Can you ditch working long hours?

In our increasingly connected, always-on world, finding a balance between work and life can be a challenge. Here are some tips.

4 ways a lateral move can benefit you

Sometimes a lateral move might be the right one for your career. Learn more.

The pros of starting a side business

Starting a side business could become financially beneficial. See how one small-business entrepreneur got started.

Job hopping at your own firm?

Proceed carefully when you decide to apply for a new position within your company, since the move may be perceived negatively in some cases. Learn about how other people transitioned to a new job successfully.

4 Signs your career's totally stalled

It happens suddenly: Your career stalls, and you have nowhere to grow. See if it's time for a new opportunity.

Same job, different salaries?

Finding out that your salary is less than a colleague's in the same position may inspire you to head straight to HR. But before you rock the boat, follow these tips.

Networking to a job promotion & raise

Networking may not be something that comes naturally to you, but it may help you get that promotion and raise you've been eyeing. Get tips for how to network successfully.

Should you get a second job?

Do you need a second job in order to stay afloat? Ask yourself these questions to determine if taking on an additional role is the right move for you.

How to get paid what you are worth

Sitting back and waiting for an appealing offer won't help you get paid what you're worth. Get details on how your cover letter and negotiating skills may lead to an increase in pay.

Going into business with your husband?

Opening a business with your spouse comes with a unique set of potential pitfalls and successes. See some tips for starting your own company with your husband, wife, or partner.

4 times to negotiate your salary

Learn about the 4 times when you may have a higher chance of negotiating your salary successfully.

Setting career goals you can accomplish

Working towards more specific, realistic goals may serve you better than always dreaming big.

4 secrets negotiating your salary

Take note of these four key lessons in salary negotiation and keep them in mind as you prepare for the conversation.

How to land more interviews

Job searching is not necessarily a numbers game. Get job searching tips from a career and life coach.

Graduating without a plan?

What job are you supposed to get after college when your passion doesn't line up with your degree? Find out how one person ended up at the White House after graduating without a plan.

What is gross pay?

Your gross pay includes your base salary, tips, bonuses, and more. But it's not what you're going to take home every 2 weeks. Learn the difference between gross and net pay.

Mistakes to avoid when changing careers

Starting a new career can be a bold and exciting decision, but making the switch more gradually may work better for your finances. Learn about the common mistakes to avoid.

Can I make money following my passion?

Following your passion instead of maintaining a "safer" career may be in the cards for you. Get some pointers.

6 tips to better negotiate your salary

Negotiating your salary may be a tricky process. Get 6 tips that can help you be better prepared.

4 work-life balance tips

Maintaining a work-life balance can be hard, especially when work email is pinging your smartphone after office hours.

The hype about HSAs

A health savings account helps you pay for medical-related expenses while allowing you to save money for the future See if it's right for you.
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New job offer? We can help break it down


How does the money you could make compare to your current paycheck? Factor in any bonuses or commission, and whether a change in employment status will affect your taxes.


Does the new employer offer a retirement matching plan or profit sharing? See how other perks match up to the benefits you have now.

Cost of living

Will you be moving for your next job? Calculate how income tax rates and living expenses might affect your decision.

Split Decisions - Stay at work or go back to school

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