2020 elections and your personal finances – Jan. 14, 2021

Every 4 years, we take a look at how the presidential and congressional elections may impact your personal finances: taxes, investments, health care, retirement, and more. Our analysis is intended to be non-partisan and focused on helping you plan for potential scenarios and outcomes.

Fidelity Viewpoints® special report: 2021 outlook

Find out what Fidelity pros see as big trends to watch as the new year begins.

COVID vaccine, the economy, and the markets

The vaccine may be a catalyst that accelerates existing trends.

2021 outlook: Mind the gap

The gap between economic output and the economy's potential will be key in 2021.

2020: How it started, how it went

Jurrien Timmer reviews his calls in 2020.

Economy and markets

Find out how the elections could impact growth, jobs, taxes, and financial markets.


Where Fidelity fund managers see the elections creating opportunities and risks.

Personal finance

How different election outcomes could impact your finances.

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