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What to do after accepting a job offer

Getting a new job is an exciting time that can come with strong emotions, schedule and lifestyle changes, and even major moves. After you accept an offer for a new job, though, there are a few very important steps you can take to keep from burning bridges and help keep your professional reputation in good shape. 

Withdraw your name from consideration elsewhere

If you’ve been applying to more jobs or even interviewing with other organizations, now is the time to notify them that you are out of the running. Consider asking if you could add anyone you’ve spoken with to your professional social network so you can keep building the relationship.

Thank your references

Don’t forget about your references in the excitement of starting a new job—it’s likely they spent some of their own time helping you land the job, so expressing your gratitude is a great idea. Be sure to send a note or an email sharing the news of your new job and thanking them for the reference.

Give your current employer your notice of resignation

Giving advance notice of your departure is generally a best practice. The norms may vary—the standard is to give your current employer 2 weeks’ notice when resigning. But that isn’t always the case, as some jobs may be sensitive about security or information. In those situations, you may be politely escorted out of the building on the same day. Some employers may request more time than 2 weeks to help smooth the transition.  
Adhering to the general norms of your employer or industry and helping smooth the transition for your manager and colleagues is important. Try to tie up loose ends in your work or help a colleague take over any important projects. The goal is to leave on a good note. A future job opportunity could bring you back. 

Update your resume and your professional profile online

Once everyone knows you’re moving on, you can make it LinkedIn®-official (or whatever social media site is appropriate). Update your resume and professional profile with your new title and responsibilities. Then you can take a minute to relax and enjoy the virtual congratulations.

Get organized, hit your goals

Create a flexible plan you can adjust to your life.

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