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First day at a new job? Here are some tips

Starting a new job can be exciting and scary, but we’ve got a few suggestions to help you get off to a great start with your new coworkers.

Dress appropriately

The right way to dress depends heavily on your role. If you’re not getting a uniform when you arrive, check your onboarding materials for information on the dress code or ask someone what to wear. If you’re unsure, remember it’s better to show up overdressed. Also, pick your clothes out the night before to save time and reduce day-of stress.

Make yourself useful

Find ways to help your coworkers. This can be as simple as offering to take on extra work. Or, if you feel comfortable, contribute your ideas to the challenges or opportunities the organization is currently facing.

Be positive

The process of establishing yourself as a reliable and trustworthy coworker and employee starts on day one. Also, there’s no such thing as saying “thank you” too much.

Ask questions

No one expects you to know everything on the first day. Asking questions shows you’re curious and resourceful. 
Learning your coworkers’ names as well as their job duties will help you start connecting the dots of the social landscape in your new workplace. When you’re new, it’s even more important to build relationships and find people that are willing to show you the ropes and answer questions. 
After initial introductions, consider setting up 1-on-1 meetings with coworkers who will be an important part of getting your job done. Depending on the nature of your role, you may want to seek them out and set up time to get their perspective on how you can best work together. 

Make an impression if working from home

If your job allows you to work from home, and you find yourself on camera for initial meetings, be sure to make the same great first impression. Treat those meetings as you might a video job interview, with your workspace and background free of clutter. Also, be sure to dress appropriately and look straight into your webcam to better engage new coworkers.

Get organized, hit your goals

Create a flexible plan you can adjust to your life.

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