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Planning baby showers or adoption parties

For every growing family, it’s a time of celebration. But just as every family’s birth or adoption experience is different and unique, so will be your approach to celebrating your new baby or child. Let’s review some key baby shower and adoption party considerations to help you plan and host more successful celebrations. 

Baby showers: How to create your registry

Baby showers are both a great way to celebrate your growing family, and a way to help offset some of your initial baby costs, like a crib, car seat, stroller, or even diapers. 
If you decide to create a registry, do your research, and don't just look at the trendy new gadget. Often, you’ll end up rarely using those things. It's a good idea to register for items you need and with varying costs. This gives your family and friends multiple options to help you and your baby. Don't be surprised if you get things not on your list—many families and friends love to gift you their most used baby item. 
Many retailers offer registry options at their physical store, online-only, or a combination of both. This makes it convenient for family and friends who don't live near you.   
Some new parents opt to have diaper showers instead. This is also a popular option for parents who already have children. 

Adoption showers and parties: Sharing your joy with family and friends

There can be a lot of uncertainty in the adoption process. Will a placement be a success, or will it fall through for one reason or another? Many people don’t want to celebrate too early, so it may be necessary to wait to throw a shower for parents who are adopting until after the baby or child is in the home. Also, depending on the circumstances, there may be additional time needed for everyone to adjust and feel comfortable. Older children may welcome gifts and attention or feel overwhelmed. 
If you’re adopting a child, why not consider throwing your own party or shower? You have something big to celebrate—just be sure to celebrate in the way that feels best for you. 
On one hand, you could have a shower very much like a baby shower—invite close friends and family to a gathering at your home and celebrate by spending time together with snacks and light food. If you’ve adopted an older child, you could treat your celebration more like a birthday party. Invite friends and family to join you for a favorite activity, like bowling or mini golf. 
As an alternative, if a party doesn’t feel right for you, and you’d prefer something a little more low-key, consider sending adoption announcement cards. You could take some pictures as a family and send those as part of your announcements. This option allows you to share your joy without having to host a get-together or worry about gift expectations. 

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