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How to accept a job offer

Accepting a job offer is easier than turning one down. If you’re juggling multiple offers, it’s inevitable you’ll disappoint at least one employer. Because many industries tend to be small, you don’t want to burn any bridges when turning down a job offer. Express regret that you’ll be unable to accept their offer and thank the hiring manager or recruiter, as well as the people who interviewed you, for taking the time. Depending on the role and the organization, vetting your background and arranging interviews may have been an exhaustive effort. 
Sharing a brief explanation for your decision may help take the sting out it. If you’re able to gracefully reject the offer, you may have an opportunity to add some of the new contacts to your network. 
Accepting a job offer may require a surprising amount of formality. Depending on the role, you may get the offer in writing—including details of salary and benefits. You can then call your contact and accept verbally and have a nice conversation about it. You may also need to accept the offer in writing. That means drafting a short letter expressing your gratitude for the opportunity and summarizing the offer. 

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