Learn about ETFs

Get ready to make the complex simpler. Whether you're just starting out or are a more advanced investor, Fidelity has different learning paths for ETFs (exchange-traded funds) to help you get where you want to be. Webinar, video, or article, you choose how you want to learn.

ETFs in today's market

Knowing more about the momentum that drives ETFs can help you with your next move. Explore ETF ideas and see why ETFs are setting new records.

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Basics of ETFs

Starting your ETF adventure is exciting. Delve into the myths and risks, a story of ETF creation, and more!

Comparing ETFs and mutual funds

Understanding which investment choice is right for you should be top of mind. Look at differences, costs, and other considerations, to help guide you.

Selecting and evaluating an ETF

Knowing what to look for when shopping for ETFs is key. Get help by understanding net asset values, spreads, tracking, ratings, and more.

Investing strategies with ETFs

Discovering a world of investing strategies can make ETFs even more exciting. Invest based on principals, sectors, currency, or any of the many other strategies available.

Trading with ETFs

Preparing to trade ETFs may leave you wanting to learn more. Gain insights into different strategies and tips, risk and rewards, and financials, including costs and taxes.

Using ETF tools

Optimizing our tools can help make your trading decisions easier. Screen ETFs, explore socially responsible ETFs, or just learn how to research ETFs based on what's important to you.

Tax considerations for ETFs

Understanding ETF tax efficiency and tax rules are key to helping you make the most of your ETF. Take advantage as you read a range of topics from tax basics to tax-loss harvesting.

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