Personal Finance

Should I buy a house?

Is it time to buy a house?

Buying a home is a big financial step. Make sure it’s the right one for you and your budget.

College tuition bill: Now what?

Get info about student loans, paying from a 529 account, and other creative college financing strategies.

Midyear tax checkup

Some things you can do now that may help you save on taxes—and avoid surprises on tax returns.

Your family and money

Many aging parents and their children should be talking about money. It may be uncomfortable, but it’s important.

Tax Strategies

Kids and taxes

If a child has income from a job or from investments, there are tax implications. Here’s what you need to know.

Put your tax returns to work

Your 2015 return can help you identify tax-smart strategies for 2016. Here are some key things to do.

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Life and Money

Five things to do now

Check investments, see whether you can reduce taxes, protect what you have, and do some housekeeping.

Divorce dos and don’ts

How women who divorce later in life—or any women—can plan for their financial future.

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Young Investor

4 tips for young investors

If you’re many years from retirement, keep saving—and view market dips as opportunities.

Your money: Keep track of it

These four strategies can help you keep track of financial accounts—and avoid costly mistakes and abandoned property.

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Health Care and Wellness

Long-term care and you

Having a plan for your care can make a critical difference in your quality of life—and your family’s—as you age.

How to talk to your doctor

Tips to help you take charge—and save money on health care—from the medical director at Consumer Reports.

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College Planning

ABC's of 529 plans

They offer one of the biggest bangs for a college buck. Learn how to make the most of one.

Affording college

Consider some of the solutions other parents are using including part-time work for their student.

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