Personal Finance

Talk to your parents

Talk to your family

It's not easy to talk about what you want to happen after you’re gone, but it’s time well spent.

Diversification for young investors

Here are two really good reasons to own a mix of investments, and three steps to get young adults on their way.

Divorce dos and don’ts

How women who divorce later in life—or any women—can plan for their financial future.

How to talk to your doctor

Tips to help you take charge—and save money on health care—from the medical director at Consumer Reports.

Wealth Planning

Five ways to protect what's yours

Why it’s important to keep key documents and beneficiaries in order—in case something should happen.

Prevent financial elder abuse

Whether you're an elder or the adult child of one, communication with your family and a plan can minimize risk.

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Tax Strategies

Put your tax returns to work

Your 2015 return can help you identify tax-smart strategies for 2016. Here are some key things to do.

Ten last-minute tax tips

Get some tips and reminders that might allow you to save time, avoid mistakes, and maybe lower your taxes.

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Life and Money

Four financial tips for moms

Just as you take care of your family, you need to take care of yourself. And that applies to financial matters.

Taking away the financial keys

Talking about money with aging parents is rarely easy. Here are some financial moves to consider now.

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Young Investing

Tips from super savers

Young super savers learned the secret of saving early. Here's what they do differently from everyone else.

A graduate’s guide to money

It's critical to learn money basics before you make a misstep. Learn how to get taxes, debt, and savings right, early.

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Health Care and Wellness

Choosing health insurance

Six key questions to answer to help you decide whether to use health care exchanges to purchase health insurance.

Retiree health costs

We estimate a couple may spend $245,000 on health care in retirement, up $25,000 from 2014.

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College Planning

Affording college

Think realistically about how much you can pay, and get creative in making your choice work for your family.

Smart 529 spending

The right way reduces taxes, avoids penalties, and doesn’t jeopardize financial aid.

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