Fidelity Viewpoints ®

The 2016 election and you

What this year’s vote may mean for the economy, the markets and investors.

Sectors: Q4 winners and losers

Tech continues to score highly while ratings of some other sectors have changed. Check out our sector scorecard.

Money tricks or treats?

How to conquer some of the scariest things adults face—credit card bills, a lack of savings, and credit reports.

Get the most out of Medicare

Our experts take your questions on enrollment deadlines, switching Medicare plans, Medigap, and more.

Market Insights

Behind the bond market sell-off

Mixed economic data and shifts in central bank policy are challenges, but opportunities are still out there.

A mixed backdrop for markets

The market backdrop isn’t bad, but volatility may pick up as we move deeper into the business cycle, says our expert.

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Investing Ideas

Time to rebalance?

Rather than let your investments drift with the markets, it may make more sense to rebalance your holdings.

Energy stocks: What's next?

Why oil prices may rise, which companies may benefit, and what the election may mean for the sector.

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Social Security for singles

Consider these strategies to get the most of your benefits if you’re widowed, divorced, or have never married.

Create future income

Want to secure guaranteed* income for the rest of your life? Find out about the pros and cons of deferred annuities.

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Personal Finance

How to insure your paycheck

How would you pay your bills if you were sick or injured and unable to work? Find out about some options.

Three healthy HSA habits

How to get the most value from the triple tax advantage of a health savings account (HSA) now and in the future.☨

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Financial Foundations

Go from saver to investor

Saving is a beautiful thing, but some investing is required. Here are some tips if you’re intimidated by investing.

Your 401(k): A quick guide

Learn how to make the most of a 401(k). Two quick tips: Start saving now and choose the right mix of investments.

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Wealth Management

Protect yourself online

How to improve your defenses against the most common threats to your online security.

401(k)s and estates

Think about taxes—when they’re paid and by whom—when deciding who inherits your 401(k).

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Active Trader

Digging into oil and gold

Oil spills volatility. Gold seeks strong close after putting bear to bed. Agriculture sprouts price weakness.

September flows update

Strong flows persisted for U.S. ETP funds in recent months, while international funds saw mixed results.

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