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Divided Fed stands pat

A December interest rate hike is possible although our experts foresee relatively low rates for some time.

Protect yourself online

How to improve your defenses against the most common threats to your online security.

Tax-loss harvesting time

Consider these five ways tax-loss harvesting might help you lower your 2016 investment taxes.

A bond with less rate risk?

Premium bonds cost more but may offer higher cash flow and less interest rate risk for some investors.

Market Insights

Secular global growth

Global growth should remain positive, but slow, and contribute to lower investment returns.

Markets: EM turnaround

The near-term prospects for emerging markets growth are favorable and that’s good for global stabilization.

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Investing Ideas

Perspective on rate changes

Four reasons why bond investors may want to ignore short-term concerns about an interest rate change.

Health stocks: beyond politics

A health care fund manager explains why the sector looks well positioned no matter who wins the presidency.

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Undo a Roth conversion

There may be good reasons to reverse a Roth IRA conversion including helping to reduce your taxes.

Strategies for retirees

If you’re nearing or in retirement, make sure your plan is solid—and stay the course, even in volatile markets.

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Personal Finance

Five college savings tips

When it comes to saving for college, learning from other parents' missteps or oversights can be helpful.

Plan for rising health care costs

Health care may be a larger-than-expected expense in retirement. Use our cost estimator to help plan for that.

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Wealth Management

401(k)s and estates

Think about taxes—when they’re paid and by whom—when deciding who inherits your 401(k).

How to leave a financial legacy

What is your life’s work? What story will endure? These are important questions to answer when planning your legacy.

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Active Trader

Open and short

Short interest can help assess a stock’s sentiment; open interest, an option’s volatility.

A case for bond ETFs

If you’re looking for income and diversification and also like exchange-traded funds, consider bond ETFs.

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