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Planning your retirement

What will retirement look like? Ask yourself—and answer—five questions about five years before retirement.

How a financial pro can help

A financial professional can help you invest, manage taxes, and protect your family. That may be worth the cost.

Put your tax returns to work

Your 2015 return can help you identify tax-smart strategies for 2016. Here are some key things to do.

Investing ideas for your IRA

Go for growth in your IRA. As a general rule, the longer you have to save, the more to consider allocating to stocks.

Market and Economic Insights

Key indicators to watch

Is less tightening the new easing? Fed policy and other signals may offer clues to the market’s next move.

Viewpoints 5: market themes

Housing-related investments, telecom, technology, and gold may present investing opportunities.

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Investing Ideas

Sectors: Think telecom

Telecom is dialing up potential. These stocks have risen in Fidelity's latest quarterly sector rankings.

Financial stock opportunities

Low interest rates may have a big impact on the financials sector. Which companies may benefit?

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Tax-savvy withdrawals

One important element of tax-sensitive investing is developing a withdrawal strategy.

Social Security and working

Know what working in retirement means for your Social Security benefits and tax bill. Consider these strategies.

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Personal Finance

Divorce dos and don’ts

Divorce is a financial challenge at any age, but when its later in life, it’s critical to protect and plan.

A graduate’s guide to money

It's critical to learn money basics before you make a misstep. Learn how to get taxes, debt, and savings right, early.

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Active Trader

Sell in May and go away?

Probably not. But there are some interesting calendar trends and strategies to consider.

Five key ETF facts

Some aspects of ETFs are often misunderstood, especially costs, dividends, and taxes. Get the facts.

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