Fidelity Retirement Plan restatement

Every 6 years, Fidelity is required by the IRS to update its preapproved retirement plan documents to include applicable changes to laws and regulations. This page provides instructions to help you properly amend your plan so that it retains its tax-advantaged status.

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Take these 2 steps to restate your plan

1. Print and retain the following documents:

2. Print, complete, sign, and retain the adoption agreement and the revised basic plan document with your plan records.

Download the adoption agreement(s) that are relevant to you based on the plan(s) you have. If you have a paired Money Purchase/Profit Sharing plan, please print, sign, and retain an adoption agreement for both. If you are also naming a successor Plan Administrator, please ensure you complete a second copy of the adoption agreement(s) relevant to you and send back to Fidelity so that we can update your plan.

The deadline for adopting your restated plan is July 31, 2022. Failure to comply with these requirements will jeopardize your plan and may cause adverse tax consequences for you and any participating employees.

Frequently asked questions

What is plan restatement and what do I have to do?

The impact of restating your plan and next steps

Follow these guidelines to help ensure you're terminating your plan in accordance with IRS regulations:

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