Open and Maintain a 529 Plan Account

Learn about opening your account, and get a sense of the things you can do to monitor and maintain your savings over time.

Open an account

What you need to open an account

  • Your Social Security number
  • Your beneficiary's date of birth and Social Security number
  • Bank account and routing information (if you're ready to deposit funds)
  1. Open a Fidelity-managed 529 plan account online
  2. Download an enrollment kit, available for each of the Fidelity-managed 529 Plans:
  3. Call 800-544-1914 to request an application and fact kit.

Fund your account

There is no minimum to open or contribute to a 529 account. You can establish periodic contributions from your bank account or Fidelity nonretirement account with as little as $15 a month.

Maintain your account

There are a number of ways that you can maintain your account, along with features that you can add once it is open, including:

  • Making a one-time contribution or set up automatic contributions.
  • Using mobile check deposit to deposit checks into your 529 account from your smartphone.
  • Enrolling in College Gifting to allow others to contribute to your account.
  • Monitoring plan performance.
  • Updating your investment portfolio (allowable twice per calendar year) or changing future allocations.
  • Changing the beneficiary.

Next step

Take a distribution from your 529 account
Learn about how you'll make a withdrawal to pay for qualified education expenses.