The UNIQUE College Investing Plan

Sponsored by the state of New Hampshire and managed by Fidelity, this 529 plan is open to both residents and nonresidents.

Tax advantages

The UNIQUE 529 plan offers federal tax benefits as you save for a child's education.

Flexible use of funds

Use the funds for a wide range of college expenses at accredited schools nationwide—plus tuition expenses for K-12th grade, certain apprenticeship costs, and student loan repayments.1

Many investment choices

Choose either an Age-Based Strategy or a Custom Strategy based on your specific investment goals.

Why invest in a 529 college savings plan with Fidelity?

College gifting service

Friends and family can send gifts directly to your 529 with our free, online college gifting service. Gifters don't need a Fidelity account.

Fidelity Investments 529 College Rewards® Visa Signature® Card

Help to grow your college savings account with unlimited 2% cash back on every eligible net purchase.2

What is a 529 plan?

This tax-advantaged education savings account could help you hit your college savings goals. There's no annual account fee and no income restrictions.

Morningstar bronze rating logo

The UNIQUE College Investing Plan received Morningstar's 2023 Bronze Rating.3

Read Morningstar's 529 industry report

Tax advantages


Any earnings grow federal income tax-deferred.


Qualified withdrawals are free from both federal income tax and New Hampshire interest and dividends taxes.

Account details

Account maximum

$596,925 per beneficiary4

Investment expenses

Fees vary, depending on your investment strategy:
0.47%–0.95% (Fidelity Funds)
0.10%–0.14% (Fidelity Index Funds)
0.40%–0.60% (Fidelity Blend)
0.05%–0.50% (Bank Deposit Portfolio)

Plan performance

View information on the funds' short-term performance, or average annual total returns by month or by quarter.

Download the annual report (PDF)

Additional resources

Plan application & fact kit

Download the application and supporting documents.

Consider these tips from Fidelity customers who found easy ways to ask their family and friends to consider gifting to their 529 on gift-giving occasions.

Learn more

Learn about college planning

Access a library of courses, articles, and videos to learn more about planning and saving for college.

Get started with college savings

Understand what it's like to have an account, from choosing a plan to withdrawing funds.

Are you on track?

Anyone can use our college savings calculator to figure out how much to save each month. Login or become a member to create a personalized savings plan and track your progress.

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