College Gifting

Now it's easy for family and friends to give a gift to your 529 college savings account.

This free program provides a page for family and friends to easily contribute a gift. You’ll also get a separate, private dashboard where you can make edits, send invitations, track gifts, and more.

Your family and friends can visit this page to give to your 529 account. You can personalize it with a picture, greeting, and information you want to share about your beneficiary.

It's easy for family and friends to give a gift online using an electronic check, with no fees.

Visitors to the page will not have access to any account information, other than the beneficiary's first name, so your account privacy is protected.

From your private dashboard, you can edit your gift page, track the gifts you've received, and invite family and friends via Facebook, Twitter, or by sharing the link to the gift page.

As the account owner, only you can access your dashboard, so your account information is kept private.