College Savings Calculators & Tools

Trying to choose a plan? These tools and calculators can help you decide which college savings option is right for you.

Planning for college savings

Rank your priorities and see your savings options
Choose your top three priorities when it comes to account features and benefits, and we'll show you the savings options that represent the closest match to your preferences.

Use the Planning and Guidance Center
If you're a Fidelity customer, get an estimate of future college expenses. We'll also show you how much you may need to save and help you create a plan to get there. Not a Fidelity customer? We still have you covered. Try our college savings calculator.

Choosing a 529 plan

529 college savings plan comparison
Start by selecting your home state, and see how your state's options and tax advantages stack up against plans from other states.

529 state tax deduction calculator
Enter your expected 529 plan contribution and taxable income to calculate the tax benefits, if available, in your state.