Losing a loved one

If you've recently experienced a loss, we can help you navigate the important financial steps to take in this difficult time. To report a death to Fidelity, fill out our online form.

Navigating the process

Our fully guided 3-step inheritance process can provide you simplicity and clarity when inheriting assets―whether you're a beneficiary or someone authorized to act on their behalf.

Why notify us online right away?

When a death is reported, we immediately limit access to the deceased's Fidelity accounts, providing added peace of mind during the inheritance process.

Help for specific types of inherited accounts


Learn about the inheritance options available to you, based on your relationship to the deceased.

401(k), 403(b), or 457 plan

See how we can assist you in completing the inheritance of a workplace savings account.

Insights that can help

We'll explain what's expected of you if you've been named to one of these important roles.

From immediate to-do's to the records you'll want to gather, we'll help you move forward thoughtfully.

If you're inheriting an IRA, learn about required minimum distributions (RMDs) you may need to take soon.

Need additional help? We're here for you.