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Self-care tips after a job loss

Losing a job can be a major blow, even if you saw it coming. With so much change, it’s important to give yourself space, grace, and time to refocus and remember what you’re good at and where your value lies. Then, you can start to dream about what’s possible for your next chapter.

Emotions are real and OK after losing your job

A job loss can stir up all kinds of negative emotions, like shame, doubt, anger, or self-pity. After all, you’ve lost more than your paycheck—there’s also your daily routine, social interactions with coworkers, and even a sense of purpose.   
It’s OK to feel bad for a little while. Let yourself vent to friends and acquaintances or indulge in a little comfort food. After that, pick yourself up and move forward. 

Self-care ideas after a job loss

  • Tell people what happened. A job loss is something almost everyone deals with at some point in their careers. Talking about it can help you feel better, but it also lets people know you’re available for other opportunities. Your friends and former coworkers might have suggestions on future jobs.
  • Find your learning opportunities. Is there a new skill you can work on? What can you take away from this experience for your future growth?
  • Maintain or start healthy habits. Focus on eating right, getting plenty of exercise, and keeping a regular sleep pattern. That can help you stay sharp and focused for the new job search or whatever’s next for you.
  • Look to the future. Often a job loss isn’t a reflection of your own performance. Instead, it’s things outside of your control. Focus on what’s ahead, not what happened in the past.
  • Pace yourself. Don’t burn yourself out or lose perspective. Decide how many hours a day you’ll spend looking for new opportunities, networking, and self-discovery. Leave plenty of room for family, friends, volunteering, or whatever’s important to you.

Taking these steps for your self-care is important after a job loss, especially if you have people who rely on you. Feeling grief and loss is normal, but you can come out even stronger with a little time and focus.

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