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Moving out checklist

After you move out of a house you’re selling, there are a few important—but often overlooked—tasks to handle. Not only is it helpful to pay attention to details at this stage, getting the timing right for some of these steps can be key as well. Here's a checklist of things you should do after moving out of a home.

Cancel your homeowner’s insurance, at the right time

You’re still liable for your old house until the sale officially closes and the house changes possession, even if you’ve moved out. Wait until the title has transferred or the deed has been recorded, and then call your insurance agent to cancel your policy. Your insurance company should refund any prepaid premiums to you.*

Close and transfer utility accounts

Once you’ve moved out, be sure to cancel electric, gas, water, cable, and other utilities for the home you sold, so you’re not stuck paying for utilities you didn’t use. If the same provider is available where you’re moving, you can often transfer services to your new address. 

Change your address, and set up mail forwarding

Once you’re moved in to your new home, you’ll want to update your address with all credit cards, financial institutions, magazine or newspaper subscriptions, and other accounts, as well as your employer.  
Also, be sure to set up a mail forwarding address with the US Postal Service®. Pay attention to any forwarded mail you receive—this can help you catch senders you may have missed as you initially updated your address. 

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*Elizabeth Weintraub, "Home-Closing Checklist Tips for Sellers," The Balance, January 9, 2022,

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