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How to position yourself for a promotion

Wanting to advance your career is exciting. Promotions usually come with more responsibility and professional challenges.  
Your company ultimately decides when promotions are available—generally based on need and funding. However, it doesn’t hurt to be proactive and advocate for yourself and your career, even before an opportunity is available.  

Tips to help you land a promotion

When thinking about the next step in your career, consider these tips.

Track your wins

Having evidence that you’re qualified for a more advanced position can go a long way. Start gathering a portfolio of your best work—especially work where the company benefits. Show projects that have been successful and the praise you’ve received. 

Be a team player

Strong references from your peers and your manager can reassure the person hiring you. Make yourself an indispensable part of a team: Volunteer to take on tasks, show initiative where you see improvements, and avoid gossip and other self-destructive behaviors. 

Start the conversation

Assuming you’ve established yourself as a reliable, high-achieving, drama-free employee, let management know that you’re interested in moving up. This takes some humility. 

Start a conversation

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