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Divorce safety: avoiding abuse during divorce

Everyone deserves to enjoy relationships that are free from abuse, but it’s an unfortunate reality for some people—and all too often for those going through divorce. Abuse comes in several forms—physical, verbal, psychological, emotional, and even financial. 
As you’re getting started with the divorce process, you may want to consider having a safety plan in place to avoid potentially dangerous situations: 
  • Identify a "safe space," like a friend or relative’s home, for example. 
  • Gather a short-term supply of necessities, including cash, several changes of clothes, toiletries, medications, etc. 
  • Consider applying for a domestic violence restraining order, which can be issued immediately by a judge, and often the local Police Department, on an emergency basis. 
  • Explore your other options, including a domestic violence hotline or local shelter. These resources may help you safely transition out of an unsafe situation and provide short-term sheltering opportunities. 
If you feel that your safety, your loved ones’ safety, or the safety of your property is at risk, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233 right away. Many police departments and domestic violence organizations will also escort you so you can gather your belongings—don’t hesitate to ask for that support if you need it. 

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