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Dental, vision, and hearing insurance in retirement

Even though you’re retiring, it’s important that you choose health insurance with coverage that fits your needs and budget. Here's some info to help you navigate this potentially challenging topic.

Review plan benefits

You'll want to check if the plan you're considering offers other benefits that are important to you. These benefits could be excluded or require an additional policy: 
  • Preferred doctors 
  • Prescriptions, vision, and dental 
  • Coverage if you're traveling or out of the country 
  • Coverage for spouse or children 
As you make plans for insurance in retirement, keep in mind that Medicare may not entirely cover dental care, vision, and hearing, although some Medicare Advantage plans do include coverage. 

Consider these options for dental insurance in retirement

Decide if the options below are right for you. 
Private dental insurance 
Dental insurance can be very affordable. The drawbacks can be low annual maximums and slim coverage for major procedures like crowns, implants, or bridges. 
Discount dental plans 
These plans are also called dental savings plans. The companies work with dentists to come to a fair price for a service or procedure and you’ll get that negotiated, lower price. You can typically save between 10% and 60% on the price of dental services.1
There are no premiums, copays, annual maximums, or waiting periods. Some plans also offer vision and hearing discounts as well. 

Vision insurance in retirement

Consider vision insurance to make sure you’re able to have regular eye exams and buy new glasses if you need them. There are a few types of vision insurance. 
Vision benefits package 
After paying a membership fee or annual premium, you get eye care services and eyewear for a fixed price. There may also be a copay. 
Discount vision plan 
Like the dental discount plan, a vision discount plan gives you a discount on eye care. 

Hearing insurance in retirement

You can also find discounts on hearing exams and hearing aids. Though Medicare Part B covers hearing exams if your balance is affected, it doesn’t generally cover hearing services.

Retiring before age 65?

Try our Health Insurance Before Medicare Planner to understand your options and estimate costs.

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This information is general in nature and provided for educational purposes only.