Why buy bonds & CDs at Fidelity

With low bond trading costs, dedicated support, and innovative tools, it's easy to see why many investors turn to Fidelity for their bond investing needs.

Low fees

At Fidelity, our bond pricing is clear, transparent, and low.

  • See how Fidelity's $1 mark-up per bond compares to certain competitors whose online prices for corporate and municipal bonds were found to be an average price of $15 more, per bond2
  • Trade new issues and new issue CDs for free3
  • Purchase U.S. Treasuries online for free or for a flat rate of just $19.95 when placed with a representative
  • Pay a maximum mark-up/down of $250 for individual bond orders or just $50 for those maturing in a year or less

Dedicated support

Our team of fixed income solutions specialists can work with you and your financial consultants on all aspects of your financial planning.

  • Receive an in-depth analysis of your bond and bond fund holdings, including your outside accounts
  • Get help constructing a bond or short-term CD ladder to help make your cash work harder
  • For investors with bond portfolios of $3 million and higher, our High Net Worth Bond Desk provides even greater levels of personalized service

Bond tools and resources

Our tools and educational resources can help you succeed as a fixed income investor.

  • Research and trade with ease on our online platform
  • Build a bond ladder to help generate regular cash flow
  • Use our Fixed Income Analysis Tool to get an analysis of your entire bond portfolio
  • Receive alerts to help track upcoming new issue offerings, maturities, and credit rating changes

Over 100,000 bonds and CDs

We offer one of the largest bond inventories available from a single brokerage firm.

  • Choose from over 100,000 bonds and CDs, aggregated from hundreds of dealers around the country
  • Access a regular stream of new issue tax-exempt municipal offerings from various states - 45 different states in 2022
  • Select from over 100 FDIC-insured new issue CDs, from a variety of banks with multiple maturities and competitive rates4

Next steps

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