Deferred Fixed Annuities

Available through The Fidelity Insurance Network®, deferred fixed annuities1 offer a guaranteed2 rate of return over a set time period, with tax deferral.

Competitive rates
Interest rates may be attractive compared to CDs, bonds, and other investments.

Interest rate is set for guaranteed period of time regardless of how the market performs.

Potential tax savings
All taxes on interest are deferred until funds are withdrawn.3

Annuity features

May be appropriate for

Investors looking for a tax-deferred investment with a fixed rate of return.

Key features

Choose from annuities that are simple and easy to compare.1

Fixed rate of return, regardless of market volatility

3- to 10-year initial rate guarantee

Tax-deferred investment growth

No IRS contribution limits4

At the end of the rate guarantee period, your options may include:

  • Renewing or exchanging your annuity.5
  • Moving the assets to an IRA (for pre-tax dollars only).
  • Using the assets to generate an income stream.
Minimum investment

Generally $10,000; varies by product

Rates of return

Find rates for your state of residence.

Annuity choices

Compare Deferred Fixed Annuities.

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