Deferred fixed annuitiesLock in your returns and tax benefits

Get a guaranteed rate of return, with no taxes until you withdraw1, through our selection of deferred fixed annuities2.

Pick from reputable providers through the Fidelity Insurance Network®

Competitive rates

Interest rates may be attractive compared to CDs, bonds, and other investments.


Rates are locked for a guaranteed period, no matter how the market performs.

Potential tax savings

All taxes are deferred until you withdraw1, with no IRS contribution limit.3

How it works

For an initial investment of $5,000 or more, your deferred fixed annuity can deliver peace of mind for your retirement.

Guided by a Fidelity professional, we’ll help you identify the rate you want to secure and how long you want to secure it. Together, we’ll then select an appropriate annuity from our network of reputable providers2.

You can then rest assured: You’ll know exactly how the money you invest will perform, regardless of any market volatility.

See rates for your state

How to get started

  • View the available guaranteed rates for your state.
  • Schedule a call with a Fidelity financial professional to open your annuity.
  • During your call, we’ll compare the deferred fixed annuities available in The Fidelity Insurance Network® to help you select the one that best fits your goals.

Frequently asked questions

Still uncertain? Check out responses to the questions we hear most often.

  • How can I purchase an annuity?

    Each investor's retirement needs are unique. We recommend having a planning conversation with one of our planners to determine how an annuity may fit into your retirement plans. If an annuity makes sense for you, one of our planners can help you through the purchasing process.

  • How can I update beneficiaries on my annuity?

    Owners of non-Fidelity annuities can update beneficiaries by contacting the issuing firm. For example:

    • Brighthouse (except for contracts starting with 83)
    • Met Life (except for contracts starting 81)
    • Guardian
    • Mass Mutual
    • Nationwide
    • New York Life
    • Pacific Life
    • The Principal
    • USAA
    • Western & Southern

    To view and update your Fidelity variable annuity (including Brighthouse contracts starting 83 and Met Life contracts starting 81) beneficiaries online, visit the Fidelity Beneficiary Summary page and click 'Edit'. You may also make updates in writing by visiting the Fidelity Forms and Applications page, Choose Topic: Annuities, and select the appropriate beneficiary form for your annuity product.

  • How are deferred fixed annuities taxed?

    With a deferred Fixed Annuity, you do not pay any taxes until you withdraw money from the annuity. At that time, any gains and pretax contributions are taxed as ordinary income at your current tax rate. Remember though, similar rules regarding early withdrawals of any tax-deferred account—such as an IRA—apply to annuities. Taxable amounts withdrawn before 59½ may incur a 10% IRS early-withdrawal penalty.

  • Can I see my annuity information when I login to

    Yes, your annuity account information will appear in your Portfolio Summary on It may take up to 3 weeks after you open and fund your annuity to see account information online.

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