Bond Ladder Tool

The Fidelity Bond Ladder Tool can help you build a portfolio of bonds that mature at staggered intervals. These intervals are the "rungs" of the ladder, which are designed to help create a consistent stream of income over time.


Key Features

Customize your ladder

Have Fidelity suggest a bond for each rung, or use a self-directed approach.

Simplified interactions

Intuitive design allows you to build your ladder on one page that includes educational content to make it easier to understand your options.

Summary calculations

View estimated income and principal in chart format for your ladder before you purchase it.

Generate dependable income1

Depending on the bonds in your ladder, income payments can be scheduled monthly, quarterly, or semiannually.

Provide ongoing liquidity

If you structure your ladder to have bonds expire at regular intervals, cash can be available on a consistent, scheduled basis (assuming no default by the issuer of the bond).

Reduce reinvestment risk

If interest rates rise, you may benefit from purchasing higher-yield bonds with the income from the bonds already in your ladder. If rates fall, bonds with future maturity dates would continue to be locked into the initial higher yields (assuming they are not callable).2

Learn more

Using the bond ladder tool

Take a video tour of the bond ladder tool and learn how you can build a portfolio of bonds to help create a consistent stream of income over time.

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