Fixed Income Tools & Services

Fidelity offers a wide range of tools and services to help you create a retirement income strategy, manage your fixed income portfolio with laddered maturities, stay on top of market updates, and more.

Most tools can be used directly online at Feel free to contact us if you need help in getting started or in understanding the output they provide.

Managing bond and CD portfolios

Manage your bond and CD portfolios with detailed reports and analysis, calculators, and laddering tools.

Bond Ladder Tool
Create a consistent stream of income by purchasing bonds with staggered maturities.

Fixed Income Analysis Tool
View your Fidelity bond and CD holdings and get detailed analytics and cash-flow reporting.

Price/Yield Calculator
Calculate the estimated yield or price of a bond.

Tax-Equivalent Yield Calculator
Compare the yield between taxable and tax-exempt bonds.

Fixed Income Alerts
Get timely updates on new issues, material events, and redemptions sent to your wireless device or inbox.

Fidelity Auto Roll Service
Have your U.S. Treasury and CD investments automatically reinvested at maturity.

Income planning and investment strategy

Analyze your investment strategy, review asset allocation decisions, and create an income strategy.

Planning & Guidance Center
See how well your investments align with your financial goals.

Do you have a fixed income portfolio over $3 million?

Make smarter investment decisions with an in-depth look at every holding in your fixed income portfolio and the value-added coverage of our High Net Worth Bond Desk.

Fixed Income Analytics Service
Get help managing your bond portfolio with detailed reports and analysis.