Bond pricing

Do you know how much your broker charges for bond trading? At Fidelity, our bond pricing is clear, transparent, and low. Explore our bonds, or learn more below.

Better bond pricing. Better investment value.

A transparent $1 mark-up per bond

Unlike many of our competitors who don't tell you before your trade what they'll charge you, at Fidelity you pay just $1 per bond mark-up online.

Our fixed income specialists are here to answer your questions, while helping you make sure the bonds you choose are a good fit for your strategy.

Extensive bond selection

Fidelity makes it easier for you to choose bonds by offering over 50,000 bonds, combined with online analytical tools and bond market research.

Competitor bond prices vs. Fidelity. Why pay more?

  Wells Fargo

Price average higher vs Fidelity

Morgan Stanley

Price average higher vs Fidelity

Merrill Lynch

Price average higher vs Fidelity

1 Corporate bond $20.16 $22.10 $9.15
1 Municipal bond $10.96 $16.14 $13.81
Example trade of 22 bonds $240–$440 $355–$485 $200–$300

The average price differentials per bond in the table are taken from a March 2020 study by Corporate Insight,* which was commissioned by Fidelity. This illustrates how you could save an average of $15 per bond by choosing Fidelity versus potentially spending more elsewhere.

Are you getting good prices on your bond trading?

If bonds are central to your investing approach, a lack of clarity from brokers can be frustrating. Fidelity consistently strives to provide value and transparency and we publish our complete bond trading mark-up schedule so it’s visible before you trade.

Bond fee transparency

2018 regulations require that broker-dealers share how much they charge for any mark-up per bond or mark-down per bond after the trade. As you consider your options for trading bonds, review your confirms for your bond costs.

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