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Fidelity Viewpoints

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Title Date
Resolutions for 2017
Retired? Three resolutions
Post election wrap up
Six habits of successful investors
The Fed's next move
Year-end tax to-do list
Rising interest rates and you
Don't delay MRDs
Talk about money
Extended-hours trading
The power of planning
Don’t miss the MRD deadline
Low volatility to high growth?
Sector impact of rate hikes
Year-end charitable moves
Money lessons from TV
A volatility strategy
Preparing for a baby
Trade like a butterfly
Tax-savvy conversions
Cost of investing
Election impact
Bridging a gap to Medicare
The post-election rotation
Why you need good credit
Giving to loved ones
Moving averages
The 'state' in estate planning
Five Social Security myths
Now what for markets?
What to know about earnings
Social Security at 62?
The talk: kids and money
Social Security tips for couples
Republicans take Washington
Strong outlook for industrials
Economy on a slow roll
Market check-in
How to short stocks
Upside to down markets
Buying the market pullbacks
Behind the bond market sell-off
Straddling market options
Strategies for volatile markets
A 20-year view of growth
Why interest rates matter
Diversify your retirement income
Strategies for retirees
ETFs for volatility
Stock ideas for the late cycle
Perspective on rate changes
Pros' guide to diversification
4 tips for young investors
Key takeaways for Q4 2016
Secure later-in-life income
Special needs estate planning
Choosing your health insurance
The economy and the election
How to tackle health events
The strike price
Business cycle investing
Business cycle
Sectors: Q4 winners and losers
Money tricks or treats?
Get the most out of Medicare
How to insure your paycheck
Halloween Indicator
Fibonacci pattern
Retired? Year-end checkup
Year-end money moves
Social Security for singles
Time to rebalance?
Create future income
A mixed backdrop for markets
Options tips
Mutual fund or ETF?
How can I make my savings last?
Energy stocks: What's next?
Go from saver to investor
Three healthy HSA habits
Six tax tips for year-end
Starting a business after age 50
Picking a broker
Financials: A tricky time
Your 401(k): A quick guide
Where will my income come from?
Money market update
Medicare taxes and you
Ready for college?
Smart IRA withdrawal strategies
Tax deduction tips
Sector insight: Eye on earnings
Digging into oil and gold
September flows update
Make the most of your benefits
Affording college
Divided Fed stands pat
Protect yourself online
Tax-loss harvesting time
Undo a Roth conversion
A bond with less rate risk?
Investing in stocks
Markets: EM turnaround
Volatility: VIX and SPYIX
401(k)s and estates
Emerging markets upturn
Five college savings tips
Technical indicators
Using MACD
Markets: taper tantrums
Women and Social Security
Open and short
Health stocks: beyond politics
4 ways to earn more on savings
Got kids?
Tax-efficient withdrawal strategies
Call or put option?
Five key market themes
Plan for rising health care costs
Keys to a work/life balance
How to leave a financial legacy
Five scenarios for stocks
Manage your taxes in retirement
Real estate rises up
Reasons to contribute to an IRA
Tips for unmarried couples
Bond check-in: unusual times
Estate planning for couples
A case for bond ETFs
Retiring retirement?
Get all the tax benefits you can
How to use RSI
Retiree health costs
Penny stocks
Market check-in: a peculiar rally
Pay with a digital wallet
Emerging markets update
Talk to your family
How to save minus a 401(k)
Fund flows
August business cycle update
Estate plan pitfalls to avoid
Four money rules to know
401(k) dos and don’ts
Markets: breakout or fakeout?
Caught in the middle?
4 things for couples to talk about
Make your income last a lifetime
ETF ideas for this market
The bear call spread
Three key sector strategies
Student loan guide
Is it time to buy a house?
College tuition bill: Now what?
Economic check-in
Midyear tax checkup
Sectors: winners and losers
Your family and money
Quarterly check-in: market insights
Long-term care and you
Market update: key takeaways
Understanding index annuities
Three myths of index funds
Pay off debt—and save too
Dow days of summer
Options research
Gold rush after Brexit?
Fit investing into your life
Real reasons people retire
Earnings growth needed
Five things to do now
Manage your cash in retirement
Post-Brexit investing
5 trading tips
Stock stars
Asset location matters
Brexit implications
Brexit vote roils markets
Strategies for manic markets
Three A's of successful saving
Your money: Keep track of it
Charitable giving on the rise
Pitfalls of negative rates
Turn savings into income
Biotech: After the selloff
Kids and taxes
June business cycle update
Make the most of Social Security
Rate outlook: Eyes on the Fed
Tips for raising a saver
Chart tips
A new balance for new markets
Stock plan mistakes
How to choose investments
Five estate-planning tips
Can the bull market resume?
Consider your options for cash
Your money: six common myths
Why consolidate
Stock shy?
Saving in the right place?
Beware of cashing out
Targeting ETFs
Too concentrated?
Second time around
End of the bond rally?
Talk to your family
Manage ETF commissions
Trading earnings
An options IV
Diversification for young investors
Why you should consider volume
Future of Social Security
Roth conversions after 50?
One way to lower risk
Divorce dos and don’ts
Suddenly single
Spotlight on ETF options
Calm after a rough start
Keys to a tax-smart retirement
A three-step investing strategy
How to talk to your doctor
Tips from super savers
Find value via earnings
May business cycle update
IRS rollover rules
Key Medicare questions
Four financial tips for moms
Hunting for tech innovation
Family money lessons
Pros and cons of debt
Taking away the financial keys
Saving for college
ABC's of 529 plans
Key indicators to watch
Planning your retirement
Put your tax returns to work
Sell in May and go away?
Investing ideas for your IRA
Viewpoints 5: market themes
Five key ETF facts
Social Security and working
A graduate’s guide to money
Sectors: Think telecom
Get buy or sell signals
Economic check in: Watch inflation
Chart masters
Five ways to protect what's yours
Financial stock opportunities
How high and how fast?
Five ways to research a stock
Common money mistakes
The growth-and-value cycle
If money talks, so should you
Stocks rallied. What’s next?
Ten last-minute tax tips
An alternative for cash?
Protect your retirement income
Grandparents can help
Emergency saving
The AMT and you
Do you need a trust?
How to pick dividend stocks
Stock ideas from Zacks
Traditional or Roth IRA?
Buy or rent: How to decide
Did active beat passive?
Measure the market's momentum
Women and money
The bull call spread
Lump sum or pension?
Lessons from the Fed
Retirement: Am I on track?
Five financial tips for women
Global volatility remains
Life insurance and estates
Choosing health insurance
Tax-smart investing tips
Markets: Recession risks low
How to evaluate a job offer
ETF trading tips
IPOs and you
Turning point ahead?
How much should I save?
Five annuity myths
Smart 529 spending
Strategy testing
Economy: Upside surprise?
Time for oil stocks?
Expiration date
January barometer
LEAPS and bounds
Don’t count the Fed out just yet
What's behind the market pullback?
Market upheaval: China is key
Seven credit card tips
Do you need a bank?
A rough start to 2016
Get more yield on your cash
Five tips for 2015 tax returns
Where does the Fed go now?
Tax-smart savings tips
Unplanned early retirement?
The bear put spread
Surviving spouse IRA
How to use MACD
8 things to know about IRAs
2016 Q1 sector scorecard
Prevent financial elder abuse
Get to know the Greeks
Adjust your options
Selling options
What could turn the market around?
International: Stuck in slow
Bonds: The Fed effect
2016 outlook: energy
Blended families
A volatility strategy
Wealth transfer checklist
Takeaways for Q1 2016
China drives volatility
Q1 2016 market update
Do you need an estate plan?
Volatile start to 2016
Is 2015 prologue?
Help limit risk
2016 market outlook
New year, old trends
2016: a turning tide?
Savings checkup
Life insurance tips
2016 investment themes
College kids and cash
Successful family communications
December market update
Maximize company stock
Non-spouse IRA
2015 stock market report card
How to sell covered calls
Annuity fee guide
Top investing ideas for 2016
Channel trading
Timmer’s outlook for 2016
Fed raises rates: What’s next?
2016 outlook: information technology
2016 outlook: real estate
2016 outlook: consumer staples
2016 outlook: health care
2016 outlook: utilities
2016 outlook: industrials
2016 outlook: materials
2016 outlook: consumer discretionary
2016 outlook: telecom
2016 outlook: financials
Aging in place
First rate hike
How to use ETFs
401(k) or 403(b) rollovers
Time for a balanced portfolio?
5 key market themes
Increase your tax savings
Need steady income?
Inside ETFs
Name the right trustee
3 consumer trends
4 ways to simplify
Prepare your family
Bollinger Bands
An income option
Retirement roadmap: rules to know
Consumer staples stocks
Before buying a house
Working in retirement
Before you retire
Common Roth questions
Ways to buy MLPs
Caution: 401(k) loans
Portfolio check-up
Deferred comp and you
Profit on your losers
Handling an old 401(k)
Work in retirement
Timing deferred compensation
Loss of a loved one
Nonqualified deferred compensation plans
The iron condor
Manage your paycheck
Two incomes to one
Business succession
Look for better funds
5 tips for newlyweds
Six reasons for a trust
Estate plan pitfalls
Maximizing deferred comp
Consider a Roth IRA
Manage student debt
Managing memory loss
Where does your money go?
Family estate planning
Trading orders 411
Tips on a windfall
Save just 1% more
The first step - talk
Get out of debt
Care for caregivers
How to save money
Emerging-markets outlook
Financial fitness
Buying calls
For women: Take control
Invest for the cycle
A covered call option
Protect your profits
Weekly options
Japanese candlesticks
Advanced candlesticks
The power of delta
Put a collar on this market
Sector investing --
Women and money --
Become an options trader --
Inheriting an IRA? --
Navigating bond volatility --
Explore the world of ETFs --
Retirement rules of the road --