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Here's how to seek the best price for an ETF you're considering.

What MACD says about stocks
As of mid-March, this short-term indicator suggests stocks are relatively expensive.

Guide to earnings
A stock can move in response to an earnings report.

The basics of call options
A call option lets you to control the same amount of stock with less money.

Today's Market

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Idea generation

ETF ideas for 2019

Flows continue to soar. Here are some momentum opportunities to consider.

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Technical analysis

Short and open interest

Short interest helps assess stock sentiment; open interest, an option's volatility.

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Trading strategies

Trading guide

How to get started, find ideas, plan for a trade, place it, and monitor.

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Trading options

Learn about the world of options and how they might be used to help implement your strategy.

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Chart of the week

Check out this chart to help analyze new opportunities and understand what trends are shaping the market.

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Price Improvement

Take a few minutes to learn about price improvement and how Fidelity has performed better than industry averages.

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