Pricing and Distributions

Important note: Investors will not experience a loss from a distribution. The per-share amount of a distribution is deducted from a fund's net asset value (NAV). Fund prices will reflect a NAV reduction when a distribution is paid. Unless set by the customer to pay into a core account, distributions are reinvested and the number of shares in the account will increase. This leaves the total value of the account unaffected by the distribution.

Distributions for Fidelity Funds 
Get information on the most recent dividends and capital gains for all funds managed by Fidelity.

Year-end distributions
Find the Fidelity mutual funds you held in 2016 in these charts of year-end distribution information.

This information is given for tax-planning purposes and may not be accurate for tax reporting; please use the tax form statements Fidelity mails early in the year to prepare your tax returns.