Beat the benchmark

Want to outperform the market? Look to actively managed funds. Fidelity has 400+ research professionals* scouring the globe to find undervalued stocks to help boost the performance of your portfolio.

What is active management?

An actively managed fund uses either a single manager, co-managers, or a team of managers to attempt to outperform the market and produce better returns than those of passively managed index funds. We believe in the power of active management and have a history of demonstrating that it works.

Why choose active management?

  • Greater opportunity to maximize your return potential
  • Able to more quickly respond to potential market downturns
  • Benefits of Fidelity's research professionals' experience

Excess return potential can help investors drive wealth creation

We believe that market outperformance—through the compounding returns—can help shareholders increase their ability to achieve their most important financial goals. Excess returns can be an important driver of wealth creation, and actively managed funds offer you the opportunity to outperform the market. Even seemingly small amounts of excess return can lead to significantly better outcomes.

At Fidelity, we believe we are not average

morningstar_2017_logo Steve Wymer of the Fidelity Growth Company Fund has been named Morningstar's 2017 U.S. Domestic-Stock Fund Manager of the Year.

Not all active managers are created equal. The active-passive debate focuses on the industry as a whole and the performance of the average active manager.

At Fidelity, we have a number of funds beating their benchmark by at least 1% annually over their managers tenure of at least 5 years. In fact. 70% of Fidelity equity funds managed by the same portfolio manager for at least 5 years are beating their benchmark over the manager's tenure.

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