Proxy Voting by Shareholders of Fidelity Funds

Thank you for investing with Fidelity!

A mutual fund is an investment company, and your investment in shares of a Fidelity mutual fund makes you a shareholder of the fund. As a shareholder, you are entitled to vote on matters presented at a fund’s shareholder meeting.

Mutual funds, like other companies, hold shareholder meetings to present and discuss important management decisions that require shareholder input, including proposed changes to fund services or certain policies.

  • You are entitled to one vote for each dollar of net asset value you own.

The Trustees of your Fidelity Fund— most of whom are not affiliated with Fidelity—are responsible for considering your interests as a shareholder.

  • One privilege of a mutual fund shareholder is to participate in electing the Trustees for your Fidelity Fund.
  • In turn, the Trustees, after careful review, may request your vote on other proposals that affect the fund and your investment in it.

We believe that voting by proxy online or by phone is the most convenient way for you to participate in a Fidelity Fund vote.

  • You can cast a proxy vote online, over the telephone, or through postal mail.
  • That way, your vote can be counted without your having to attend the meeting in person.
  • Or you may attend a shareholder meeting to vote in person.

We appreciate your placing your trust in Fidelity, and thank you for allowing us to help you achieve your financial goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is proxy voting?

    When your vote is requested on proposals that affect the fund and your investment in it, you could, if you wanted, attend the shareholder meeting in person—or you could vote by proxy online or by phone. This way, your vote can be counted without your having to attend the meeting in person.

  • When will I receive the information I need to vote?

    A proxy statement, which provides details regarding the meeting and the management and shareholder proposals, if any, that will be voted on at the meeting, is provided to shareholders before the meeting is held. The proxy statement may be sent to you via U.S. mail or email, if you have consented to electronic delivery, or you may receive a notice linking you to a website where you can review it online.

  • How can I submit a proxy vote?

    You may submit a proxy vote through U.S. mail, over the telephone, or online, based on the instructions contained in the proxy statement. Votes must be submitted prior to the close of voting in order to be counted. Please vote your shares promptly. Your vote is extremely important, no matter how large or small your holdings may be.

  • I consented for eDelivery of proxy materials—is it possible to receive hard copy paper materials instead?

    By consenting to eDelivery of proxy, you have agreed to online receipt of important proxy materials. To request a written copy of any Fidelity Fund proxy materials via telephone please call 800-343-3548. On the voting screen, you may also choose to change your eDelivery preferences for future proxy campaigns.

    Your retirement benefit plan account mail preferences for statements, prospectuses, proxies and other benefit information will apply to your Fidelity BrokerageLink® Account. You may change this electronic delivery default for your BrokerageLinkSM account at any time by logging on to NetBenefits and updating your mail preferencesLog In Required.

  • I used to enter a PIN when voting proxy—why is this no longer required?

    By using to access the online voting site, a secure transaction with your control number information has been established and the PIN is no longer required to securely complete this transaction.

  • I voted and I would like to change my vote—is this possible?

    Yes, you can vote again using the "Voted" link in the Action column as long as voting is still open. The latest valid vote cast will be recorded and the Last Action Taken date will update. If you do not complete the process of re-voting, the last vote cast remains on record.

  • Does my vote matter?

    Your vote is extremely important, no matter how large or small your holdings may be.

    In order to take action at a Fidelity Funds shareholder meeting, a quorum must be achieved. Quorum is achieved when a sufficient number of shareholders are represented in person or by proxy at the shareholder meeting. If quorum is not achieved, the meeting may adjourn to a future date.

    Fidelity and/or a third-party proxy vendor attempts to reach shareholders via multiple mailings or emails to remind them to cast their votes. As the meeting date approaches, phone calls may be made to shareholders who have not yet voted.

    Voting your shares immediately when you receive notification will help the meeting achieve quorum and minimize additional expense and efforts to contact you by email or phone to solicit your vote.

  • Who are "Computershare", "Broadridge" and D.F. King?

    The shareholder proxy voting process is typically managed on behalf of the Fidelity funds by a proxy vendor. Fidelity may hire a third-party proxy vendor to call shareholders and record proxy votes. Computershare, Broadridge and D.F. King are examples of third-party proxy vendors that may have been retained by the Fidelity Funds.

  • How can I opt out of telephone calls about shareholder proxy voting?

    Please call Fidelity at 800-343-3548 to make this request.