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Frequently asked questions

  • What are the investment options for my nonretirement account's core position?

    Money in your nonretirement account's core position can be held in the Fidelity® Government Money Market Fund (SPAXX), the Fidelity® Treasury Fund (FZFXX), or the Taxable Interest Bearing Cash Option (FCASH)

  • How do I set up recurring automatic withdrawals?

    If you'd like to schedule recurring automatic withdrawals from your Fidelity account to your bank account, you can go to Automatic Withdrawals on

  • Where can I find my account number?

    You'll find your Fidelity account numbers listed below the corresponding account name in your Portfolio Summary. Account numbers are 9 characters in length and can include letters. You'll need to log in to to access your Portfolio Summary.

  • How do I give someone else access to trade in my account?

    To give someone access to trade in your accounts, also known as authorized access, log in to your Portfolio Summary on Select the Account Features tab, and expand the section titled Authorized Access & Account Registration. Select Edit authorized access, and choose Add Access for the brokerage account you want to add an authorized user to.

  • How do I reinvest dividends and capital gains?

    To reinvest dividends or capital gains, log in to your Portfolio Summary on Select the Account Features tab, expand the section titled Brokerage & Trading, and select the Dividends and Capital Gains link. On the next page, select the Update link next to the account you want to reinvest your dividends or capital gains into.

Learning challenges


Whether you want to invest alone or work together with a pro, we've created a few quick, easy lessons designed to give you the confidence to make informed investing decisions.

Decoding investment speak

Make your money work harder

Why risk it? Growth potential

Smart investing made easy


5 strategic steps to help boost you from beginner to savvy trader—educated, informed, and confident.

Create your own trading strategy

Find trading ideas

Prepare for your trade

Place your trade

Monitor your trade

Help navigating life's big moments

Life comes at you fast. Whether you're celebrating a big milestone or adjusting to an unexpected change, Fidelity can help you navigate all parts of these important moments with our resources, guides, and tools.

See how we can help you plan for life events

Investing on your own or with our help

Whether you're new to investing or an experienced trader, our suite of planning and advisory services can help you define and work your way toward your financial goals.

Fidelity Go®

Digital investment management and planning, plus unlimited access to 1-on-1 coaching with Fidelity advisors once your balance reaches $25,000.

Wealth Management

Customized planning, advice, and investment management, led by a dedicated advisor.

Investing isn't one size fits all

Find the account or investment type that's right for your personal financial goals.

Accounts for investing

Brokerage accounts

Our brokerage account gives you access to stocks, options, ETFs, and fractional shares.

Cash management accounts

A convenient way to save, spend, and manage your cash with the features of a traditional checking account, but without a bank.

Health savings accounts (HSAs)

With a health savings account (HSA), you can pay for qualified medical expenses in a tax-advantaged way, now through retirement.

529 College savings plans

Flexible, tax-advantaged accounts designed specifically for education savings.

Investment types to buy


Buy and sell shares of publicly traded companies in both domestic and international markets.

Mutual funds

A cost-efficient way to help build a diversified investment portfolio.

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

Explore low-cost strategies with benefits like diversification, tax efficiency, and broad market exposure. 

Fixed income, bonds, & CDs

Investments that generally pay returns on a fixed schedule.