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Our investing tools can help you review your current strategy and maintain a portfolio with investments that fit your needs.


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Planning & Guidance Center

See how well your investments align with your financial goals and evaluate different investing strategies. You can even explore potential changes to see how different decisions may impact your outlook.

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Name Description
Planning & Guidance CenterLog In Required Get a holistic view of your retirement plan and explore changes that may help you become better prepared.
Guided Portfolio SummarySMLog In Required Get an in-depth analysis of your current portfolio and identify areas that may need more attention.
Fund Picks From Fidelity® Browse and compare funds based on our selection criteria.
Mutual Fund Evaluator Search and evaluate mutual funds according to your criteria.
ETF/ETP Screener Generate trading ideas with our prebuilt and custom screeners for exchange-traded products (ETPs).
Stock Screener Search the universe of publicly traded stocks using preselected or custom criteria.
Options Screener Generate trading ideas with our prebuilt and custom options screener.
Bond Ladder ToolLog In Required Use this tool to help create a consistent income stream by investing in different bonds with staggered maturity dates.
Price-Yield Calculator Calculate the estimated yield or price of a bond, including accrued interest, invoice price, yield-to-maturity, and yield-to-call.