Automatic Withdrawals

With automatic withdrawals, you can easily establish an income stream or satisfy minimum required distribution (MRD) rules for your retirement account.

Schedule regular withdrawals from your Fidelity accounts

  • Transfer money directly to another Fidelity account.
  • Deposit money to your bank account via electronic funds transfer.
  • Have a check sent directly to you.

Fidelity does not charge a fee for automatic withdrawals.* In addition, if you open a Fidelity account and fund it with periodic withdrawals from your IRA, Keogh, or Self-Employed 401(k), we’ll waive the minimum initial deposit of $2,500.

Next steps

Enroll or update your plan online. lock_green Note: some accounts and withdrawal types are not available online. In those cases, you will be presented with a mailable form.

Enroll by mail. Find the appropriate form(s) to enroll by mail for your Fidelity account(s).

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