Wealth-Lab Pro® FAQs

  • What is Wealth-Lab Pro®?

    Wealth-Lab Pro® is a desktop-based platform within Fidelity’s Active Trader tools that allows users the ability to develop and test trading strategies based on technical analysis.

  • What is the difference between Strategy Testing on Fidelity.com and the desktop application?

    Our Strategy Testing Tool brings the power of Wealth-Lab Pro® to Fidelity.com. Strategy Testing is designed to give active investors the same sophisticated testing capabilities, using prebuilt strategies to help give you an edge in your trading decisions.

    Wealth-Lab Pro® is a desktop-based platform that includes the ability to develop and test customized trading strategies based on technical and fundamental analysis from code. You can test a trading strategy using an entire group of stocks or an index of stocks in real time or with static data to see how they’ve performed over a given period of time. Whenever a trading strategy that you’re interested in generates a signal, you will receive an alert. You can use that alert as a starting point to do more research or place a trade.

  • Who should use Wealth-Lab Pro®?

    Programmers and nonprogrammers alike will find Wealth-Lab Pro® extremely valuable. Experienced programmers will enjoy Wealth-Lab Pro®’s full system programming features, and there is no limit to the number of strategy ideas that can be tested and traded. Nonprogrammers will enjoy the Strategy Builder and visual tools that allow them to create their own trading systems without having to learn a new programming language. These tools are designed specifically so that nonprogrammers can leverage the power of Wealth-Lab Pro® to backtest various trading systems.

  • Why should I use Wealth-Lab Pro® instead of another backtesting platform?

    Other backtesting platforms often require users to learn complex programming languages. With Wealth-Lab Pro®, no programming expertise is required. Active Traders can use or modify prebuilt strategies, or use the Strategy Builder to create their own.

  • Who is eligible to use Fidelity’s Wealth-Lab Pro®?

    Wealth-Lab Pro® is available to investors in households that place 36+ stock, bond, or options trades in a rolling 12-month period, and have at least $25,000 in assets across their eligible Fidelity brokerage accounts. For more information about these requirements, call a trading specialist at 800-564-0211.

  • How can I get started using Wealth-Lab Pro®?

    The Wealth-Lab Pro® Quick Start Guide (PDF) can get you up and running quickly with Wealth-Lab Pro®. For more detailed information, including specific programmatic information and reference material, see the Wealth-Lab User’s Guide (PDF) and the WealthScript Programming Guide (PDF), or call 800-564-0211.

  • How do I analyze more than one stock at a time?

    Analyze more than one stock at a time by using the multi-symbol backtesting capability in the strategy window. You can backtest an entire group or index of stocks using historical data to see how they performed over a given period of time against your selected criteria.

  • How do I monitor more than one strategy at a time for trade alerts?

    The Strategy Monitor is a tool that allows you to run all of your strategies at one time, regardless of the update frequency for each strategy. When you have finished testing a strategy and are ready to begin trading, you can add the strategy to the Strategy Monitor. Once the strategy is active, the data for the symbol(s) is updated automatically and the strategy is re-run to check for new trade alerts. Alerts can be displayed by strategy or as a group, and you can place the trade immediately or use the alert as a starting point for more research.

  • What type of charting capabilities does Wealth-Lab Pro® offer?

    Advanced, fully customizable charts are a key part of Wealth-Lab Pro®’s analytical tools. You can apply technical indicators and fundamental data to the chart and draw crosshairs, trend, regression, resistance, and Fibonacci lines against historical price data to illustrate investment opportunities.

  • How do I place a trade with Wealth-Lab Pro®?

    When the trading strategy you develop finds a trading opportunity, you’ll receive an alert. You can place the trade directly from the tool where the alert was generated, or you can bundle this trade with others to be sent to the Orders Tool for execution.