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Ditch debt and start saving

Getting yourself out of debt requires a solid plan. Get pointers on how you can reduce your credit card or student loan debt and start saving.

Should you go back to school?

Before you make the commitment to go back to school, you should first understand why you want to further your education. Read here for guidance on helping you decide if going back to school is the right choice.

Why being frugal doesn't always help you save

Being frugal can often be confused with saving money. Learn the difference between frugality and saving money to help you save more and budget effectively.

College graduates: How to financially survive your 20s

Financial planning is difficult for college graduates just starting to establish financial independence. This article outlines how to financially plan and survive your 20s as a post-graduate.

11 secrets to refinancing your student loans

Refinancing your student loans can be confusing. If you are thinking about refinancing your student loans, this article provides financial tips on helping you get approved.

What are my student loan repayment options?

Wondering what your best options are for repaying your student loans? This article outlines the many choices you have in deciding which student loan repayment plan is right for you.

Pay off your student loans faster in 2017

Looking for ideas on how you can pay your student loans off faster in 2017? This article outlines some ways that may help you streamline your student loan debt repayment process.

How to avoid defaulting on your student loans

Do you have student loan debt? Read here to learn tips to help you from defaulting on your student loans.

How to manage student loan debt

Student loan debt can often seem insurmountable. Read this article to find information on managing your student loan debt.

How a 29-year-old created her monthly budget

Read this article to learn how a 29-year-old used a monthly budget to pay over $100,000 in debt.

What college didn't teach you about money

It may seem like you learned a lot over your college career, but you probably didn't take a class on how to repay your student loans or what to do with a 401(k). Learn more about what important financial decisions you'll have to make soon after graduation.

Can I deduct my student loan interest?

The federal government offers a small break from student loan repayment in the form of a deduction for the interest paid. Learn more about the restrictions so you can take advantage of this tax break.

Should you save for your child's college education?

Virtually everyone thinks saving for college is important, but according to the College Savings Foundation, just over half are actually putting money away for their child's education. Learn why you should start saving.

A grad's guide to money

It is important to understand the basics of managing money. Here are four must-know steps for new grads to help get off to a strong start.

Get motivated to pay off your student loans with these tips

With some planning, persistence, and the right motivation, you can eliminate your student loan debt and move on with your life. Learn how.

How to stop financial peer pressure

Feeling the pressure to spend from always going out with friends? Use these tips to avoid overspending with friends and roommates.

Long-term tax strategies for student loan borrowers

If you're one of the more than 40 million Americans paying down student loan debt, it's important to understand the tax implications of that debt - not only on the tax return you'll file this year, but in the long run.

Why you shouldn't consolidate your student loans

How to tackle the top 3 student loan issues

Student debt is a growing concern. Read this article to learn about how you could manage the top 3 issues.

Get your student loans squared away for the New Year

Student loan debt is the number one concern of millennials, and a new year is another chance to get your finances squared away.

Which student loan should I pay first?

Choosing which student loan to start paying is only the first decision you need to make for your loan repayment strategy.

Split Decisions: Student debt or retirement

When you only have so much money to go around, do you use it to pay down your student loan debt or add to your retirement fund? Money guru Jean Chatzky has your answer. See her advice. (2:28)

3 menacing myths about student loans

Find out the 3 common student loan myths so you don't fall into potential traps set by lenders.

Lower student loan payments - yes or no?

What student loan repayment strategy should you follow? Get the details on what your monthly payment should be according to your needs.

Money basics: How to prioritize debt

Between credit cards, student loans, and mortgages, there are many types of debt out there. Watch this video for three tips that can help you tackle it all. (1:55)

Save thousands on your student loan debt

Preparing for extra interest from unsubsidized loans before the six-month grace period ends can help you reduce your cumulative loan burden. Learn how to prepare.

Are your student loan payments too high?

Do you need a way to reduce your monthly student loan payments? Your options each have their pros and cons.

Paying for grad school loan options 101

Paying for graduate school may seem like a daunting prospect, but it can be done. Get the breakdown on the two main types of grad school loans.
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