Thematic investing

Explore the opportunities offered by thematic investing to help enhance your portfolio and align your investments with what matters to you.

Why thematic investing with Fidelity?

Thematic investing enables you to invest in long-term trends or themes. Fidelity’s thematic funds cover a range of strategies to help you best match your interests with your objectives.

Innovative business models, emerging industries, and technologies that are changing the status quo

Long-term trends affecting our world

Sustainable investing (ESG)
Return with a purpose

Outcomes based on specific objectives

Differentiated insights
Unique insights and industry-leading investment experience

Build your thematic knowledge

We offer multiple ways to help you learn about thematic investing.

Investing in ideas. Read an article.

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Why thematic today. Explore an infographic.

Explore how a changing world can present opportunities for investors.

How does sector investing compare to thematic investing?

Sector investing offers targeted exposure to companies in specific segments of the economy like health care, energy, or information technology. Similarly, thematic investing typically offers focused exposure but, often cuts across sectors to align with a particular opportunity or objective. For example, although semiconductor producers, cell phone tower operators, and social media companies are in different sectors, each may be aligned to the theme of disruptive communications.

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