Sector Investing

Sector investing offers targeted exposure to the stocks of companies in specific segments of the economy and can help you pursue growth, diversify your portfolio, and manage risks.

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Communication Services

Facilitate communication or provide access to entertainment content and other information though various types of media

Consumer Discretionary

Manufacture goods or provide services that people want but don't necessarily need

Consumer Staples

Provide goods and services that people use daily


Explore, produce, or manage energy resources


Engage in business such as banking and brokerage, mortgage finance, and insurance

Health Care

Produce and deliver medicine and health care-related goods and services


Distribute capital goods in support of industries such as aerospace and defense, construction, and engineering

Information Technology

Create and store digital information that offer goods and services


Manufacture or process materials such as chemicals and plastics or paper and packing, or the extraction of metal and minerals

Real Estate

Engage in the real estate industry and other real estate related investments


Produce and deliver electric power, natural gas, water, and other utility services

How does thematic investing compare to sector investing?

Thematic investing, like sector investing, offers targeted exposure to companies in specific segments of the economy like healthcare, energy, or information technology. Thematic investing, however, also often cuts across sectors to align with a particular opportunity or objective.

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