Thematic investing: Differentiated insights

Fidelity's differentiated insight funds can give you exposure to targeted ideas and investment opportunities from the unique insights of our global research team.

Differentiated insights investing with Fidelity

Some thematic strategies are built around unique insights about which types of companies make attractive investments, backed by empirical evidence and ongoing research from Fidelity’s investment team. An example is founder-led companies and the belief that the passionate involvement of a founder gives those companies an advantage.

S&P 500 companies where the founder is still CEO generate 31% more patents.1

There are 750 founder-led companies in the Russell 3000—offering the opportunity for a well-rounded portfolio of US stocks.2

Fidelity's differentiated insight funds

Learn about our differentiated insight funds and the types of companies they invest in.

Fidelity® Enduring Opportunities Fund (FEOPX) NEW

Brings stocks with potential long-term growth prospects, primarily driven by sustainable competitive advantages, attractive industry characteristics, and strong management teams, into a single fund.

Fidelity® Founders Fund (FIFNX)

Focuses on harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit of founder-involved companies.

Fidelity® Leveraged Company Stock Fund (FLVCX)

Invests in common stocks of leveraged companies (companies that issue lower-quality debt and other companies with leveraged capital structures).

Thought leadership

Investing in founder-led companies
Some investors believe that companies run by their founder may have a competitive advantage. Learn why founder-involved companies have the potential to outperform the market over time.

Turning vision into value
Watch portfolio manager Dan Kelley discuss the unique qualities that distinguish founder-involved companies in the marketplace.

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