Thematic investing: Disruption

Fidelity's disruptive funds invest in innovative business models, emerging industries, and technologies that are changing the status quo.

Disruption investing with Fidelity

The pace of change is accelerating with technological advances, innovative business models, and changing consumer preferences. We’ve used our robust research capabilities to identify disruptors worldwide, from cloud computing to autonomous vehicles. Leveraging this research, we’ve developed a unique set of actively managed disruption funds. All are available with Fidelity’s new time-based loyalty pricing.

Scientists have found treatments for 350 out of 7,000 known rare diseases and are racing to find treatments for the rest.1

Through 2022, projected market size and growth of the cloud services industry will be nearly 3 times the growth of overall IT services.2

With the evolution from 3G to 5G, the average time to download a 2-hour movie has gone from 29 hours to 4 seconds.3

Time-based pricing

To help you take advantage of these long-term disruptive trends, Fidelity has introduced an innovative pricing feature, exclusively available for our disruption funds, when investing through a Fidelity retail account. With this new loyalty pricing, the expense ratio you pay goes down the longer you remain continuously invested in the fund.4

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Fidelity's disruption funds NEW

Learn about our 6 disruption funds, the range of industries that they cover, and types of companies they may invest in.

Fidelity® Disruptive Automation Fund (FBOTX)

Invests in companies leading the way in automation, from industrial robotics to artificial intelligence and autonomous driving.

Fidelity® Disruptive Communications Fund (FNETX)

Invests in companies changing the way we connect and communicate, from social media to 5G-related digital infrastructure and the internet of things.

Fidelity® Disruptive Finance Fund (FNTEX)

Invests in companies helping to deliver more efficient and customized financial solutions, such as digital payments and internet banks.

Fidelity® Disruptive Medicine Fund (FMEDX)

Invests in companies that are transforming medical diagnostics, therapies, and services, from gene therapy to robotic surgery and digital health platforms.

Fidelity® Disruptive Technology Fund (FTEKX)

Invests in new technologies such as companies delivering cloud computing, harnessing big data, and transforming consumer experiences through internet and mobile platforms.

Fidelity® Disruptors Fund (FGDFX)

Brings together 5 disruptive themes—automation, communications, finance, medicine, and technology—in a single fund.

Thought leadership

Learn why disruptor companies may help shape the investing world for years to come.
Some of the largest companies in the world are disruptors that introduced new business models and changed established industries to create entirely new ones. Think Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and Uber.

Learn how to invest in automation and find out what’s driving growth in this trend.
Automation is transforming many aspects of our lives. It’s used to assemble smartphones, grab boxes in a warehouse, assist surgeons through operations, and, even drive your car.

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