How Fidelity Manages Money Market Funds

Fidelity is proud to manage in excess of $400 billion in money market assets for millions of customers. Fidelity's money market funds invest in money market securities of the highest quality and provide clients daily liquidity.

Our three priorities for money market funds, in order of importance

Stability and safety

Fidelity's prudent approach to money market fund management has been, and will continue to be, proactive in keeping money market funds safe and protecting the $1.00 net asset value (NAV) per share. This has always been Fidelity's #1 objective in managing money market funds. Each money market fund is a diversified portfolio of high-quality, short-term money market securities in full compliance with the Securities and Exchange Commission's Rule 2a-7. That rule outlines the regulatory requirements for money market funds and is intended to help protect the funds' $1.00 NAV.


Fidelity places a strong emphasis on providing its funds with sufficient liquidity. Fidelity's money market fund clients may redeem shares of any fund on a daily basis, offering a convenient solution for cash needs.

Historically competitive yields

In addition, Fidelity aims to provide competitive and consistent yields. The firm is focused on helping investors achieve their financial goals while taking a conservative approach towards managing risk.

Our approach

Independent credit research

Fidelity employs a security selection process driven by bottom-up fundamental research performed by Fidelity's credit analysts. Fidelity's team-oriented approach incorporates an issuer-specific and systematic review of every security purchased in a money market fund. Fidelity's independent credit assessment and evaluation does not rely on the rating agencies to determine credit quality.

Experienced team

Fidelity has built one of the largest, most sophisticated fixed income organizations in the mutual fund industry. Our money market group consists of an experienced team of research analysts, traders, and portfolio managers supported by a global research platform and industry-leading technology. Fidelity has distinguished itself as one of the industry leaders of money market funds by providing safety, liquidity, and competitive yields for your cash investments.

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