Fidelity Prime Money Market Mutual Funds

Prime fund features

  • Taxable funds investing in corporate and government securities
  • For retirement and nonretirement accounts
  • May impose redemption fee or temporarily halt redemptions if fund liquidity falls below regulatory limits during a period of extraordinary market stress

Available funds


Retail funds are able to transact at traditional, stable $1.00 net asset value (NAV) per share. They are available only to "natural persons" investors who are not corporations or other types of organizations.

Fidelity Money Market

For investments of $100,000+, $1million+, or $10million+
Fidelity Money Market – Premium Class
FIMM Money Market – Class I
FIMM Money Market – IL Class (FNSXX)


Institutional funds transact at a floating four-decimal NAV (e.g., $1.0000), and are available to corporations and other types of organizations.

For investments of $1 million+, or $10million+
FIMM Prime Reserves – Class I
FIMM Prime Reserves – IL Class (FHPXX)